Sunday, June 26, 2011



i is happy today!

because we went to buy fruits after church and came back with a huge haul!

some pictures of the fruits we bought, because pictures always brighten things up.

2 papayas, 
10 red apples (i don't know what type of apples these are, but i already ate one and they're major yums!)
10 small mangoes
18 granny smith apples 

got rambutans too.

and wholemeal bread.

i remember when i was in australia last year,the wholemeal bread there is the REAL DEAL. 

nutty and grainy, full of texture and flavour, with solid bits of oats, seeds, grains, and nuts which give you major OOMPH when you bite into it. there, you can walk into any ordinary bakery and get bread like that, but here in malaysia? bah! 
the wholemeal bread here pales in comparison.

however, i chanced upon Dorado bakery in ss15 which sells wholesome nutritious baked goods, yay!

multigrain muesli loaf.
look at how densely it's filled with all that nutritional goodness!

i purposely requested for it to be sliced extra extra thin, so that it'll last me longer.


on an unrelated note, look at my unhappy face here.

why do i look that way?


i HAAAATE it when this happens when you buy a McDonald's sundae cone, don't you?! 

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