Wednesday, June 22, 2011



today has been a shit day.
here's a picture to prove my point.

ok so i didn't mean that in a literal sense. 

but just to clarify, today was a really, really, bad day.

so, ask me how was my day.
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as seen, apparently no one cares, so i shall ask myself, how was my day?

me : hello there! goodness, you look like roadkill after it has been flattened by a 10-tonne trailer and been stuck to the road with vultures pecking out your innards for a week! how was your day?.
me : oh, my day has been absolutely horrible! i don't wanna talk about it!.
me : but i insist! i truly do want to know how your day was!.
me : well, if you insist... first of all, today i woke up with a horrible flu. i had class from 10-12am, and since i was late i had to sit at the back instead of at the front where a good studious person like myself belongs. after that i got myself a takeaway lunch and it was complete shit because when i sat down to eat and opened it my meal was swimming around in oil. i had another class from 12-2pm where i did nothing except to sneeze my head off, hack up a load of coughs, break out in cold sweat, and feel dizzy. then from 2-4pm i had to go for an academic award ceremony..
me : oh my, an academic award ceremony! how interesting!
me : why, thank you! it was due to me being on the dean's list and i thought that was pretty cool myself..
me : so how did it go?.
me : i changed into my formal dress and heels, but still looked like crap anyway because i was that sick. my skin was clammy and pale, i was sweating even though it was cold, and i was still sneezing and coughing like an old sick person. the award ceremony was a load of bull. we were primped and paraded about, and had to listen to long boring accolades of speeches. plus, i was sitting behind a pillar and couldn't see anything for nuts. we lined up to go on stage, where i  thought i would get my academic certificate for being on the dean's list, but it turned out that the event was just glorified pomp and pageantry, with nothing of substance. we had to go to the office at the corner of another level and fill out some paperwork, then collect it ourselves and go home. what a waste of my time, going for that ceremony..
me : sounds like it wasn't all it was hyped out to be, huh?.
me : you bet it wasn't! then when i got back, more shit had to happen which i will not disclose to the world on this blog. i was exhausted and tried to get some sleep, but somehow Mr. Sandman WOULD disappear when he's needed, and i got not a bit of shuteye at all. i went for a walk to calm my mind, but when i got back my brother pissed me off even more and so am here talking to myself about it..
me : IKR, sucks doesn't it..
me : yeah it totally does. thanks for listening anyway, i'm so blessed to have a wonderful kind caring person like you to share this with..
me : aww, don't mention it, it's no biggie! you're welcome. :)

and that, ladies and gentleman, is the story of my day.

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