Wednesday, June 8, 2011


my apologies for having been away for so long!

but hey, don't blame ME. blame the chains of the crazy massive workload, the enormous pressure to fulfil and meet deadlines and expectations. this is a short semester, which means everything will be packed into the mere space of 2months.


anyhoo, let me update you on my day. probably no one cares, but i'm still gonna post it because i'm narcissistic and self absorbed like that and there's nothing i love better than listening to me talk.

i woke up at 6am and got in my fill of exercise. 8laps (6km), in 40mins, followed by one lap of a cool down walk, finished with stretching. hellyeah did that feel good. oh btw did you know that the daily recommended number of steps is 10,000? well one lap around my park is 1000+ steps (yep, i counted because i was too free), so i got in 9,000+steps in the first hour of my day!

came home, ate breakfast and showered, then it was off to college. had classes from 10am until 6pm, reached home at 7pm. 

the time is now 12.57am, and i am here bleary eyed and exhausted, staring at the screen of the lappie making puny attempts to hack away at the gargantuan workload. i can forsee that i'm not gonna have anything that remotely resembles a social life until july's over. 

but that's ok. i'll just be best friends with my nikes and my lappie. 

some pictures before i go back to my mundane dull existence.

ooh this looks so scrummy!

wish i could look this good when i run.

i've saved my favourite picture for last

i love this game. been playing it for more than 6 years now, and i still can’t get enough.
awesome shizz. asian + basketball player + hot = yeoww! 

ok heading to bed now, very very tired. nighty night everyone! 

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