Tuesday, June 14, 2011


starting off my post with some lovely pictures of healthy happy beautiful people!

1.06am, and i really really need to get some snooze, but here i am blogging for your entertainment. aren't i such a lovely person? 

i used to be a total night owl, sleeping at only 4-5am every day, waking up (if it were a holiday) at 2pm the following day. however recently, i find myself nodding off at 12am-ish, and waking up at about 9am every day. which is good! i need to keep this up. oh heck, why am i still here in front of the computer?

ah yes, to blog.


alright, so there was supposed to be a test in college today at 2pm. got dressed, books in hand, wits sharpened, all ready to take on my paper, when suddenly my phone rang.

"there's no college today, all classes have been cancelled because there were tremors of a quake"

  • my 1st reaction - what? WHAT? are you freaking serious?
  • my 2nd reaction - or are you trying to sabotage me..hmm...  *gives suspicious look*
  • my 3rd reaction - called INTI's hotline to confirm, and yes it was true. there had been tremors of a quake felt in the morning, the whole building was evacuated and all classes were cancelled for the day.

so that's how i got an unexpected day off. too late to make any plans with friends, so i bummed around the whole day watching tv, eating, sleeping, and doing other insignificant things. in the evening, i did 7laps of running, then 1lap of walking and stretching.


talking about college, i have this interesting story to share. from where my classes are held, we're able to see the back of taylor's college from the windows. usually, the area is deserted, but every so often the odd couple wanders there to get some privacy and ahem. you know.

so a couple of days ago, we were sitting there chilling in class. some of us were sleeping, some were eating, some were zoning out in their own world, some were surfing the net on their lappies, etc etc. a typical day in class. when suddenly, my friend who was sitting at the back of class near the window, announced that behold, a couple had been sighted! at last, some excitement! 

we all scrambled to the back of the class, my dear lecturer elbowing her way in as well and getting included in the kerfuffle. noses pressed to the glass, we watched intently as they got cosy. 

the guy wrapped his arms around the girl's waist and brought his face closer, and then...


how disgusting! i mean, what if the pimples burst and, their faces being as close as they were, all that gross icky yellow stuff squirted out on her face? MAJOR EWWW!!!

this is more than i can bear. i shall not talk about such nonsense any more. i have better things to do than this. better things to do, such as going to sleep.


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