Sunday, June 12, 2011


hello, my dearly beloved blog readers! 

how has life been to you?
( actually, i don't particularly care, and i don't wanna know. so this is the part where you give your dull-as-dishwater answer about how everything's so-so, and i nod in apparent (artificial) interest. the whole purpose of me asking, is for you to as per common courtesy, to ask me in return, how was MY day? and i shall answer, loudly, bombastically, and enthusiastically, )

i'm doing what i love all the time now. i go running 3-4 times a week, doing 5-8 laps around the park each run (one lap is about 650m), then walk another one or two rounds to cool down, and stretch. i'd like to play more of basketball, but the renovations at my housing area's court makes it inconvenient as i'd have to walk to usj4, which is like 4km away.

with my schedule as hectic as it is, how, you ask, do i find the time?
"if it's important to you, you'll make the time. if it's not, you'll make the excuses."

as a result, blogging has fallen in my list of priorities. well i do enjoy blogging, but it's just that sports are way more fun! i know, i know. my blog has been in an utterly disgraceful state. i do apologize. i have been too busy enjoying my incredibly awesome life that sometimes i just can't find the time! i used to be such a hardworking blogger, updating every 2-3 days. now however, it's longer than that. pray forgive me, i promise that i shall try harder!


seriously though, i'm really content with the way things are right now. it's mostly to do with the fact that i'm working my butt off almost every day now going running and playing basketball. now that i'm to doing so much more of what i love, life seems to be in sync, in harmony and everything else has just fallen perfectly into place.


so lets talk about my day. 
( actually, there's no LETS since 'lets' implies a 2-way conversation. I shall just talk about MY day, and you shall listen. :D )

woke up bright and early at 8 and got to church. parade after church, and i bought a pair of running shorts from mizuno. they cost 75 bucks *gasp* !

so much money for so little cloth, tsk.  

came home at 5, then i walked all the way to usj4 for basketball. basketball today was so-so. lots of really really good people came, which left me in the position of just doing mostly only passes and blocks. 

when the time hit 7.30pm, i walked back home to usj16. pulled on my nikes, then went for a 5 lap run, followed by 1 lap of walking and stretching.

dinner when i reached home, then i showered, bummed around a while and now i'm here in front of the computer.

it's 1.12am and i have an 8am class tomorrow. i should head to bed soon.


nighty night people!

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