Monday, June 20, 2011


it's 2.26am and i should really head to bed, but i just have to do this first. see how much i love you guys? :)

some pictures from midvalley taken by rachel's camera.


so anyway, remember my previous post i was talking about how i was going for an interyouth sports event?
(well my team did lose due to unfair play and an idiot of a referee and i went practically black in the face and was foaming at the mouth but apart from that it was good :D)

i love sports, and an entire day of running around the court? sounds like my idea of fun!
my idea of fun also includes watching cute guys run around with a look of intense determination, muscles pumping, perspiring from all the effort. somehow they seem even more attractive to me when they're so deeply engrossed and intent in performing well in something that they're passionate about. 

i forgot to bring my camera *bangs head on wall* so i can't blog about it in length, but i have a funny story to share about that.

the day before the event, i was charging my camera's battery. i put the camera beside the charger so that after the battery had finished charging, i could conveniently insert it into the camera. however i left the house without remembering to take it along.

later that day after the event had ended and i came home, i saw that my camera wasn't there. i asked my sister, "where's my camera?" and she replied "dad took it out to his friend's wedding so he could take pictures." i responded "well a fat lot of good that's gonna be, because he didn't take the battery!"

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