Saturday, May 21, 2011


and so, a new semester resumes in less than 72 hours. i have enjoyed these 3 weeks incredibly, even if most of my days were spent doing nothing but running. some people might be scoffing at this and going "running? oh puhlease, how boring!"

say what you please. it doesn't matter to me.
am i crazy to stay awake throughout the night, not getting even a wink of sleep just so i can go running at 5am?

here's the answer  for you.




here's me getting ready to go running. 

i did 8 laps of running, 2 laps of walking - 10 laps in total, followed by a nice stretching session. i came home, had a long bath, conditioned my hair, and took my sweet time dawdling about waiting for my hair to dry. then, i had a nice long nap.


look at THIS. 
is it normal for a girl?

but whatever. i don't care, i want to be fit and strong. 

speaking of fit and strong, i just had to share.

watch this. watch this. watch this. watch this. did i say to watch this? you get the idea.

strong, sexy, fit, beautiful.

time to get out there, get my blood pumping and legs moving, and kick some ass.

is what i love.

getting out of bed when everyone is still sleeping. having sweat run down my chin, my breath coming in heavy spurts. getting hot and flushed. the stillness, the cool morning mist swirling around. the slivery cloak of dewdrops which enshrouds everything.

the calmness that surrounds me during my cooling down walk, after having the gruelling, relentless, 'thump-thump-thump' of my feet hitting the road. my legs having that pleasant ache, the light, limber feeling a that comes with good stretching session.

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