Monday, May 23, 2011


no, the title of this post has nothing to do with a song of the same name covered in one of the more recent episodes of glee.

dear weather, what's with you?

your mood fluctuates faster than a teenage girl on her period. one moment you're pouring buckets with gloomy skies, throwing bolts of lightning and roars of thunder down at us. the next, you leave us all drooping under your fierce blistering glare. we are not amused in the least with your whimsical tantrums and rages. stop being such a temperamental emotional bitch and get over yourself.

this reminds me of another song.

you're hot and you're cold, 
you're yes and you're no,
you're in and you're out,
you're up and you're down

you're wrong when it's right, 
you're black when it's white,
we fight we break up,
we kiss we make up


on another note, i'm really sorry for not updating as frequently as i used to. it's just that i'm SO BUSY these days, that when i have any free time at all, i spend it snoozing.

sooo, what have i been up to that's kept me so 'busy'?

*thinks of something engaging to say*

pretty much describes my life over the past couple of weeks. i COULD go on and on about how much i've been running and bla bla bla but seriously, that gets old after a few posts, doesn't it?

ohoho! i know! 
i'll update about dinner some time about with the rbsers, when sheng was around!

goodness gracious, how far back was that? more than a month ago, maybe two months? i can't believe i've left it so long! 

aite, so here we go.

in the car, on the way to the curve 

 sheng and i
must camslut! because who knows when i'll get to see her again?

we tottered around, and went to daiso. wah the daiso at curve is really big i tell you.

huge array of makeup products! i've read tonnes of good reviews about the makeup at daiso, and have bought their stuff a couple of times, but still am apprehensive about it, and doubt the quality of cheap products. 

people say it's all about perception and mindset, but i beg to differ. you see, products from a  big brand like estee lauder, or maybe even a more affordable one like maybelline, obviously costs a lot more compared to xx brand at daiso. logical reasoning says that it's because the more upmarket brands spend more on quality ingredients, testing, constantly improving themselves, and that's why they charge more.

where else xx brand probably is manufactured in remote factories with poor quality control and less commendable conditions (they probably are too skint to cover the costs of ensuring the best quality / hygiene / testing / etcetc. after all, how much profit could you possibly make, when you're selling your products at rm5 / 2dollars?)

well that's what my rationale tells me anyway. just my own opinion, feel free to disagree.

hey look! i see something interesting!

nose shadow!
never heard of such a thing before, i was so amused by it!

i ended up buying a long handled brush to scrub all those hard to reach spots while in the shower. everyone else found this very funny.
well pardon me but i don't get what's so funny about purchasing a brush.

the rest of them (joyi, rachel, alex, ian, esther, alex, lance, yungtyng) came around dinnertime, and we walked around while dithering about where to munch.
eventually we settled for the gardens (bad choice, i'll elaborate more later.)

 happy sheng :)

my teriyaki chicken, which totally sucked.
looks nice, but don't be deceived by what you see.

the portion was TINY, given the price of rm20. dude for that i could've gone to McD's and bought two big macs, which would have filled my tummy a lot better, plus they would have tasted WAAAAY nicer than this.
the sauce was cloyingly thick and sweet, i ended up scraping most of it off the chicken.

and the mashed potatoes (not seen because it's under the chicken) was really bad as well. it tasted well, weird, artificial, and not potato-ey at all. i suspect they probably just use potato powder / flour, or something like that, and mix it with water.

i was NOT HAPPY with my meal. 

garden burger, sheng's meal.
she said it was ok, but nothing to shout about. rm18.

think lance looks happy with his carbonara fettucine (rm20)?
think again.

the only saving grace of this dish is the size of it, which is rather big (probably bigger than the size of my face harhar    -_-)

initially, he dug in with much relish and proclaimed it to be not bad, but after getting halfway through, he said that it was way too rich and bland, and finished it on a bad note.

also, i have to mention the environment. at this particular outlet of the gardens, customers dine alfresco. that, coupled with the use of many spotlights to brighten up the joint, got our whole group all hot and bothered, complaining of the stuffiness and heat, not to mention the poor ventilation. 

there were many frills and fancies, and pretty-pretty english ornaments, with lots of fancy pancy potted plants and mini garden decorative items, but we weren't impressed in the least. i for one, value quality and comfort over surface presentation, and i'm sure many of you are the same. it goes without saying that i don't think i'll ever be coming back.

after our disappointing meal, we adjourned to the chocolate lounge for desserts.

their signature ice cream, which usually costs rm1.50, cost rm1.90 here!
not that much of a difference, i know, but i have to wonder why.

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