Tuesday, May 10, 2011


updating again after what seemed like forever! (well if you call since last week forever)

first, i want to say - curse this weather. this blistering heat, making me go barmy.

second of all, finals are over! heckyeah!
*fist pump, pelvis thrust*

well anyway, moving on.


i thought long and hard. about stuff. i was going to come here and tell you all, the lifeless losers and nitpickers, generally, people who just aren't happy / don't have enough to do with their own lives, and therefore try to bring others down to their level so that they can feel better about themselves - HEY, YOU KNOW WHAT?

i am TIRED, of pathetic people like YOU, getting in my hair about every single thing that i do or say. i have had it, with people endlessly sticking their noses in every place they're not wanted, whining nonstop and complaining about things which are none of their business.

i was going to tell everyone here that i have decided, to move my blog to another address, and only readers who want to see my blog will be given my link. then we will both be happier people. me, not having to deal with all your moans and groans, and you, won't be so freaking unhappy anymore since you won't be able to see my blog which ruins your life so much! double win! (although for the life of me, i cannot imagine why, if viewing my blog makes you so damn unhappy, why don't you just NOT read it? common sense, right? ahh well i suppose you just aren't smart enough to figure that out for yourself. oh how i pity you, you weak minded, empty headed, twit.)

but guess what?

NO. i will not let retards like YOU, make me do anything differently. i will NOT move my beloved blog to another address, when showstopper13.blogspot.com has already garnered a significant number of readers who have been following me for the last 2 years.

i have done nothing wrong. i blog about things which are relevant to me, about things which happen in my daily life, my thoughts, what i am going through. no one, and i repeat, NO ONE, will have any say in the slightest, what goes into my blog. the last time i checked, this blog belonged to ME. are you the one churning out the posts which appears? are you the one who is affected in any way, by this blog? are you the one who spends her time and effort updating here? HELL NO. so i don't see why anyone else should tell me what to say or how to say it.

this is MY BLOG, and i will do whatever the heck i want. and if you don't like it then hey, sucks to be you. :)

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