Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i just washed my hair yesterday. i usually only wash my hair on alternate days, since its such a drag to have to blowdry it when i'm done. well i CAN choose to leave it to dry by itself, but that would mean ;

a) walking around for like, 2 hours looking like a drowned rat and not to mention
b) the feeling of dampness down my back would be very uncomfortable.

well i got myself into this i guess, when i decided to grow my hair long. plus my hair is also very thick, so it only makes it more tiresome. but no fear, it will all be worth it for sexy lustrous long locks! :D

let us all take a moment to drool over the insane hotness of aishwarya rai, who looked majorly stunning with to-die-for tresses in her loreal commercial.

oh, was i salivating like a rabid dog all over your lap? my apologies. :)

anyway, you might ask, what in pete's sake am i doing talking about hair? who gives a damn, and how is it in the least bit relevant?

so here's my point - it's because the weather is looking exceptionally better today than it has been in the past week, (sweltering, blistering, boiling, heat!) and i think that i should go for a run in the evening.

but that would mean washing my hair AGAIN, when i have just washed it not less than 12 hours ago. oh the hassle.

to go or not to go? yes or no? oui ou non?

oh the torturous indecision. but with the crazy weather nowadays, who knows when i will be able to go for a run again?

hence, it is decided. i shall go for a run later, then come back, and wash my hair again. i will undergo the whole tedious process amicably and pleasantly, because it will all be worth it for those feel good aches that come after a long run.


I am becoming a runner! :)

the awesomely exciting biggest decision of my day.  someone alert CNN.
*yawns and scratches armpits*

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