Friday, May 20, 2011


finally! a post with multiple pictures, the way my blog used to be. 

so the other day i went out with my bestie

i think my face looks scary in this picture :/

caught a movie, it cost us rm10! sucks man, i swear that from now on, i'll either watch all my movies online or at the most, pay rm6 to watch it at summit. rm10 to watch a movie, suck my nuts TGV! you just lost a customer!

anyway, the movie we watched was Thor 

while i wouldn't say the plot was all that amazing, it was however simple and easy to follow.
but with so many other pleasing elements in the movie, i'm not complaining.

i loved the brilliant graphics in the show - the digital rendition of asgard looked absolutely amazing and realistic!

the gilded throne room in asgard.

one of my favourite things about the show was the magical rainbow bridge, shown here. i couldn't find a detailed picture of it to show you guys so this'll have to do. 

heimdall, one of the many interesting characters in the movie.

the frost giants were cool too.

i'd rate it 8/10
i wouldn't say that the storyline was the best i've ever had, but the graphics more than made up for it!

however, i don't think that i enjoyed the show to its fullest extent. the reason why? because of this!

i'd bought a pack of sister's crispy popiah to eat because i was feeling peckish.

so at the beginning of the movie (which is like the best part of the entire show because that's where you get the oomph from the amaaazing graphics and also because it's where they tell you about the history of earth and the war between asgard and jotunheim) which is when you REALLY need to pay attention, i was too distracted to do so as eating popiah with a pair of chopsticks in the darkness of the cinema takes more effort than i realized.

so throughout the whole show i was feeling kinda 'off' and disgruntled that i didn't get the best part of the entire show boohoo. 

as we were about to head home, guess who i should bump into but a pair of my form5 classmates, jenna and jeanette! they asked me to join the for dinner at usj9 murni's, and after not seeing them for more than a year, how could i possibly say no?

rikhai picked us up from pyramid and we were set.

rikhai, jeanette, jenna. 

jenna and i.
urgh i just realized i look really dark in this picture.

pretty jeanette! 
her hair is to die for :)

huge plate of spaghetti carbonara. rm10 and totally worth the money. as you can see, there are generous pieces of mushrooms, ham, chicken, and sausage, plus it's practically drowning in gravy, and the portion is huge!

from just jenna, jeanette, rikai, and i, more and more started trickling in.

bobby, wenjinn (who's not visible), rikhai, and euchern who finally returned from shanghai.

me, a very fake-surprised hazieq, joehan, sam, bobby.

after so long of not seeing all of them, meeting up again made me feel so happy and nostalgic of my high school years! our 'reunion' definitely made my day, even if i was totally hammered from exhaustion at the end of it. :)

had lunch at chili's empire the next day with my piano teacher. (yes i play piano! betcha didn't know that, huh? you probably thought i'm too uncouth and uncivilized for something so cultured and refined, but nooo, you're wrong!)

eventhough i look crappy here, i felt i owed it to you guys to post this up because erm.. you haven't seen my face for a quite a while now have you? 
so here you go!

teacher jackie :)

my caesar salad and her corn cob, we were just having a quick bite since she had to rush off somewhere after that.

college resumes next monday, blehh. after 4 months of classes, that is all we got - a measly 3 week break. break my ass la, not even enough time to catch my breath and yet here i am, swept up into a whirlwind of a new semester, new timetable, new subjects, new classmates, new everything!

but no sweat yaw, i'll be able to handle it and at the same time be as cool as a cucumber, because i'm awesome like that. 

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