Tuesday, May 31, 2011


some time ago, i was sitting there in college mulling about where to go for lunch. this person came to me (let's call her J) and asked me what was i doing, and i answered "thinking about where to go for lunch." 

she enthusiastically replied that she was just stepping out for lunch as well, so we could go together! she suggested subway, and i wasn't too keen about it because i don't actually think that subway is all that great, and (as those of you who know me well would know), i don't eat bread. however, she was awfully pushy about it, eagerly persuading me to come along with her. 

i STILL didn't wanna go, but i couldn't think of a solid excuse not to, so i lamely said "erm..subway ahh..well actually it's kinda expensive isn't it, and i don't actually have much money at the moment."

she brushed aside my objections at once, saying "well then don't worry about it, i'll treat you!"

at loss for words with no further excuses, i had no choice but to concur with J, get up and follow her.

we stepped into subway, chose our subs, and got in line. she was being extremely chatty for someone who didn't actually know me THAT well. as we approached the counter, she took out her purse to pay.

out of courtesy i said mildly "you know what, i feel really bad letting you pay, maybe i should pay my part."

immediately, she jumped on it and said "yeah, ok, that would be great!"

as a result, i ended up paying for my own sandwich with a black face and a dark scowl.


i just want to say, to J and people the likes of her, SCREW OFF.

don't even freaking offer to pay, if you have no intention of following through on your word. the issue here is not that i had to pay for myself, but her utter shallowness and insincerity. if you were really earnest in your intention to do so, you would have.

i know some of you might be thinking "what on earth is this girl talking about? she offered to pay her part, didn't she? so why is she so annoyed now?"

well allow me to enlighten you dorks that it is chinese culture to do so out of courtesy, and doing otherwise would be deemed impolite. ever see the way chinese businessmen argue over who should pay when the bill comes? that's exactly my point. not that everyone of them is SO eager to pay, but it's just courtesy. i mean, you wouldn't just sit back and pick your teeth, allowing someone else to pick up your tab, right? you would at least offer to pay back, even if the person had said that they were going to treat you, right?

grrrahh. so annoyed.

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