Friday, May 13, 2011



of someone who on wednesday, had a 2 hour session of basketball, then came back, switched from And1s for the court, to Nikes for the road, and then got cracking.

5 laps jogging, then a 2 laps cool down walk.

i tell you, after weeks of slogging over assignments, of sighing over textbooks and cramming for exams, it felt absolutely exhilarating to be balling and running again, the way i used to before i started this semester.


still high from my previous spike in activity levels, yesterday, i had determined to go for a run the next (today) morning, but wasn't sure if i'd be able to wake up. so i stayed up the whole night painting my nails / reading / watching tv / plucking the little hairs from my knuckles / insert other time wasting activity, then, while everyone was still snoozing at 6a.m., i laced on my trusty Nikes, and hit the road. 7 laps nonstop, followed by a 2 laps cool down. then, i came home, had a nice long shower while singing "It's Raining Men", came out, had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, watched some TV, then went back to sleep and woke up at 6.


i love holidays.

as of now, i shall return to my usual state of vegetating in front of the big square box (TV) and the small square box (laptop) until i decide to hop it and get my lazy ass cranking.


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