Monday, April 25, 2011



on study break now, finals are right around the corner!

but first, a quick update. :)

trying on clothes when out shopping the other day.

i've actually been looking for a silver key pendant necklace for some time now, but my search hasn't been fruitful. 

i was at i love bazaar a few days ago and i saw this. got it for rm15. a bit too chunky from what i had in mind, i was thinking of something smaller, more delicate and sophisticated. ah well it'll do for now.

oh oh i also saw some peacock feather earrings at forever21 last week! not those kind where the feathers are so frayed they look like the bottom of a heavily used broom like this

the ones i saw were cut very neatly, like this.

these are the exact same ones i saw at forever21 (got this picture off their website), and this pair is going for rm20 right now!! not cheap, but so pretty! but should i get them or not? i don't wear earrings which are as over the top as this often, but they really are lovely.

yes or no?
dilemma dilemma.

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