Thursday, April 14, 2011

MY 400th POST

so this is my 400th post, and i was hoping to have something interesting to fill you guys in on, but sadly, there is nothing much happening in my life so far, other than rushing to meet assignments and deadlines, and cramming for finals which are right round the corner.

but take a guess on who's coming to town soon??

that's right, david choi is coming to malaysia yo!

for those of you who didn't know (seriously, where have you been? man, you need to get yourself a life :P) he is one of the most popular musicians on youtube, with more than 100million views.

honestly, i wouldn't have thought that any youtube musician would ever come to our country as we aren't exactly known for being very accommodating.
*ahem no thanks to certain political parties that make a big fuss everytime popular artistes come in to perform ahem*

i've been a fan of david choi for some time now so im glad that he's finally coming to our shores.

here, have a look at some of his stuff :)

this one is my favourite video so far.

2:22 - the guy seems to be doing a ninja / karate chop.
2:42 - chester see making out with balloons.
3:18 - check out this dance move.
3:23 - and this one too. :)

this is a collaboration between wongfuproductions, kevjumba, and david choi, with the far east movement, chester see, kina grannis, and other youtube personalities lending their talent. so fun and catchy, with a light-hearted feel to it, plus you get those feel good vibes from them totally enjoying what they're doing.

i like the editing and special effects on this video. they might have looked trashy used any other way, but wfp really takes the cake for working their ways with the effects. :)

this is so sweet! totally the kind of song i'd want my boy to serenade me with :'D the cinematography is awesome as well.

jazzy and relaxed, so jason mraz.

i so want in, i'm gonna drag some of my fellow fans along for this concert. plus look at the ticket prices! only rm60++ to get in, awesome. B)

are you guys up for this as well? i know i am. :)

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