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so stupid.
so, SO stupid.
look at this thread of a conversation on facebook.

wonders why everyone is so fascinated by the fact that Japan got hit by a massive earthquake ..
Friday at 11:47pm ·  · 

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    • Yq Tay Omg! Imagine millions of mushroom ther dead! Juz imagine
      Friday at 11:50pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu Ah , don't worry . Japan is famous for it's indestructibility .

      Refer back to World War II .. :D (super insensitive!) 
      Friday at 11:51pm ·  ·  1 person

    • Yq Tay Russia failed
      Friday at 11:59pm ·  ·  2 people

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu What I mean't was , that Japan got nuked by two atom bombs and still , most of them survived .

      Bloody Japanese people , they're just like cockroaches . (hey, calling people cockroaches when they've just gone through such a terrible ordeal is so not cool.) Virtually , indestructible .
      Yesterday at 12:01am ·  ·  1 person

    • Tan Ying Qi fascinated?!
      Yesterday at 12:27am · 

    • Grace Seen We did not get this response to autralia or new zealand's natural disaster. It is a little odd :\ ah well all the more people to pray for japan.
      Yesterday at 1:48am ·  ·  1 person

    • Mikki Xp are u mentioning ashman ? xD!!!! LOLZ
      16 hours ago · 

    • Ying Qi : Yeah lar , everyone seems to enjoy the fact that thousands of people are potentially at risk of loosing their lives .
      Grace : Exactly . Everyone here is so naive . When NZ and Aussie got hit with natural disasters , everyone couldn't even bother reading about it on the newspaper . (people did bother, just that you didnt know because you're too wrapped up in the trivialities of your daily life to know) Japan got hit once , everyone starts making such a big halla-ba-loo ~ They're all nation-ists :D

      Mikki : No ... -.-
      15 hours ago · 

    • Tan Ying Qi well, not everyone. because i am not.
      9 hours ago · 

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu Oh ? Good for you .
      7 hours ago · 

    • Grace Seen Hahahah daaamn jin eu, sarcastic much?
      7 hours ago · 

    • Jaden Khor Jin Eu I was ? No I wasn't -.- . When was I being sarcastic .
      7 hours ago · 

    • Ko Tee Aik all our sympathy be the japanese. You all must donate all your ang paw money to the japanese students. We r lucky because we stay outside the earthquake belt.
      4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • dude no offense but your post and your subsequent comments on it are totally insensitive and uncalled for, given the current situation. referring to the japanese as 'cockroaches' and other statements that you made are really rude. how would you feel if people called us malaysians 'rats' or something like that if our country had just gotten hit by a massive earthquake that destroyed homes and caused thousands of deaths, and our whole nation were in grief?

      i dont mean to be condescending but im just giving my opinion. next time, it would be better for you to think before you speak, what more on something as public as facebook. :)

      no offense! :)
      3 hours ago ·  ·  1 person

    • Well , considering how we Malaysians act these days , I will not be surprised if people do call us rats . Heck , my friends in Slovenia and the Czech Republic describes our country as screw ups .

      And secondly , it's almost near impossible for our country to get hit by a quake that big , perhaps a small tremor but not on such a huge magnitude like the one that hit Japan , thank God . Unless one has been watching too many ''2012'' movies , then you'd most probably assume we'd get hit by a nation-wrecking earthquake . (he totally doesnt understand what i mean. obviously i know that msia is not located within proximity to areas which are prone to earthquakes, i was just implying that he imagine if he were in the same situation as the very people he's so unabashedly throwing all these brusque statements at. would he like it if some totally dense, moronic retard started saying all sorts of rubbish about it? just imagine, what if you had a friend, or a relative in japan? i guarantee you would think twice before opening that big mouth of yours.)

      And thirdly , I will say whatever I want to say just as long it doesn't cross the boundaries of politics and religion . It's not up to you , or anyone else to decide what I wanna say anyways , hence the term freedom of speech .

      However , I MUST truly thank you for trying to spark a failed-attempt to correct me . Not many people do that nowadays , thus I truly thank you .
      Have a brilliant day !


nothing to say. there's no point in arguing with people who are so ignorant and dumb, as whatever argument you give to them, however well worded and presented, they will only misunderstand the meaning behind it. what more, they will make (failed) attempts to counter you by saying something even more idiotic.

then you argue and argue, and it just never stops.

cant be bothered to give the time of the day to a fool like this. such an empty headed, impervious, ignorant, young boy, thinking that he's on top of the world and saying whatever he wants about things he cannot even begin to comprehend the extent of. i really hope that nothing ever happens, (the death of a family member, the amputation of a limb, family coming to bankruptcy, perhaps?) but come what may, if anything does, lets hope that people dont poke fun at you, make all sorts of stupid brash , comments about you, or call you a 'cockroach', ay?

and for anyone else who might think that the 8.9 magnitude earthquake which happened in japan is a laughing matter, look at these pictures, and think again.

houses and property, which people worked their asses off in order to own, reduced to piles of rubble in the blink of an eye. years of work and effort gone, just like that.

a woman carrying her daughter to safety, away from the destruction.

Collapsed: Three shocked workers look at the factory in Sukagawa city, Fukushima that only a short while earlier they had been working inside with dozens more unsuspecting colleagues
employees of a factory in sukugawa were left jobless after their company was destroyed.

people fighting for their lives, clawing their way to every next breath, precariously hanging on.
what did you call them again? go on! mock them! scream it at them, these people who are suffering, who are in agony, as loud as you can! go ahead, laugh at their anguish, their pain!


after all, what are they? just people, like you and me. people, who have a life, a family, loved ones. people, who each have their right to live, but are going through so much pain. what does it matter, to a half baked teenager like you, living your cushy, sheltered life, when all you know is hunching in front of the screen of your computer, blind to reality, worrying about whether you'll wear your adidas or nikes tomorrow, whether you'll eat pizza or mcdonalds for dinner? what do you know, beyond the four walls of your room? 

the very existence of people like you, BOY, people who stupidly and dumbly make flippant nonchalant comments about things that they have no comprehension of, infuriate me beyond words, sickens me, fills me with disgust.

so immature, yet so obdurately arrogant, proud, and oblivious. strutting around making 'smart' comments just because he knows no better.

a young man carting his grandmother away from the danger.

Debris: An eerie mist moves over the debris of destroyed homes and cars caught in the raging tsunami waters
the damage caused by the tsunami which occurred due to the quake.

Emotional: Two visibly shaken young Japanese women who were evacuated from a building in Central Park in Tokyo comfort each other as news spreads of the devastation unleashed across the country
young women standing together, holding onto each other for comfort and support.

moving the children out of harm's way.

Explosions: Giant fireballs rise from a burning oil refinery in Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture after being shaken by the earthquake off the coast
fires raging from an oil refinery in ichibara.

people anxiously waiting in trepidation, not knowing if they will even have a house to go back to.

"japan got hit once, people are making such a huge hullabaloo"

well, what if your house ever catches fire? since it would be such a small matter in comparison to what is happening in japan, maybe you wouldnt mind if no one made a commotion about it, or even noticed that you need help. 

p.s. click on this and look at subsequent comments on the fool's post!

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