Monday, March 7, 2011

What's one thing that most people don't know about you?

i can name a few :)

- i always, ALWAYS wipe the toilet seat before i use it.

- when i was 4, i caught a lizard and thought the best place to keep it would be my mum's wardrobe. needless to say, my mum wasnt very happy with that.

- i tend to compare people i've recently met to fruits, animals, and other people.

- i dont have as many friends as people think. friends as in true, 'pour my heart out to you on the phone at 3am' kind of friends. i have two best friends, maybe a couple dozen or so good friends. everyone else, i consider a passing acquaintance / surface friend.

- in the past year, i've started being attracted to accessories. before that, i viewed them as unneccessary trinkets and would
never have considered spending more than rm5 on them. i still deem them unnecessary trinkets, but now i find them too pretty to resist.

- i dont really buy into the whole idea of going out there and 'searching' for The One. if you're meant to be with someone, life will bring you to them.

you ask. i'll answer.

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