Friday, March 25, 2011


im sure that more than a few girls have experienced this.

some guy you've seen around, adds you up on msn / facebook. since you know him and it would be rude to do otherwise, you accept. conversations abound, and he appears to be a nice person. a few conversations down the road, he gets reeaaally friendly. and soon, he's hitting on you. because you aren't interested, you politely decline, but say you would like to stay friends.

after half hearted attempts trying to  persuade you to change your mind, he gives up and resignedly accepts. whatever conversation you have just had abruptly stops there.

after a week or so of silence, you attempt to smooth things over by saying hi and being friendly. however, he is no longer the mr. nice guy that was portrayed in the past month or so, instead now having a cool and somewhat sarcastic persona.


encountering the likes of you seriously disheartens me. it really is such a downer, thinking that each and every one of you are really such genuinely nice people, only to find out that i couldn't be more wrong, and it was all a sham. i mean, what the hell is your problem? only looking for kicks, and when i say no, you have such a sudden drastic change of attitude?

seriously, go get your head right. acting in such a way only confirms my stand.

p.s. surely not all guys are like this, right? RIGHT? please someone, prove me wrong. i might not have been in a relationship for a long time, but that doesn't mean that just any guy can come along and pick me up. i might sound conceited saying this, but i know i'm worth more than that.

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  1. it did happen to me too. well, several people have been hurt. hahah. no idea what friendship means in the head of boys!