Wednesday, March 23, 2011


today, i fell down the stairs. and it wasn't the 'oops i kinda stumbled slightly and so just grabbed onto the handrail' kind of fall. it was me losing my balance due to wrong footing, then precariously perching on my toes, frantically waving my arms round and round, trying in vain to regain my balance, before failing miserably and tumbling down the whole flight of stairs, landing in a disheveled heap at the bottom. under normal circumstances, i would have hastily gathered myself up, before hurrying away all flustered and redfaced, muttering and cursing myself under my breath for being such a clumsy fool.

today, however, was different. today, i was happy to have fallen down the said stairs at the said time. i then smiled to indulgently to myself, before casually getting up, brushing myself down, and then strolling gaily on my way. i might even have let out a little hysterical giggle or two.

no, there is nothing wrong with me. allow me to explain.

as i was coming up the flight of stairs, thinking about my new running shorts that i had just bought - should i go back and change them for a size smaller, as they currently fit slightly loose, and sports attire generally tend to stretch after a few washes? should i ditch classes on thursday to go shopping with rachel? would i be notified as eligible for the MAS field trip on friday? i had made up my mind to join The Star Public Speaking Competition, now how was i going to go about the procedure of applying? as i was happily going about my life humming a tune in my head, someone appeared at the top of the stairs, someone who with i had a nasty feud with in the past, someone i didn't like at all. 

a dark scowl plastered on her face, she glowered and glared at me as though i had just been the cause of her bad hair day. and the zits on her face. and her smudged eyeliner. pleasant thoughts flying straight out of my head, i however maintained a flaccid, neutral expression, just to show her that no sullen angry person with a problem with the world was going to have any impact on me, not the slightest bit.

a few seconds later, she had reached the bottom of the stairs, and was gone on her way. and then, it happened. and the next thing i knew i was sitting on my bum on the last stair, limbs all tangled up.

perfect timing. a few seconds before, and she would have had all the reason in the world to screech her head off in laughter at me. a few seconds later, and someone might have seen me. as it was, there was no one in sight, no one who could have possibly seen my fall from grace. :P and for that, i was glad. :)

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