Tuesday, March 15, 2011


as tough, no nonsense, and independent as i might appear to be on the outside, i still am pleasantly surprised, and get tingles in my tummy, when at unexpected instances, a guy shows me his genteel side. sadly though, i havent seen much of that in a long while, and i had almost forgotten chivalry existed.

i love it when a guy holds the door open for me, gives me his space in the line, takes my heavy college folder and books from me, takes the trouble to make sure i get home safely. go ahead and say im being silly, soft, and overly grateful because thats what guys are supposed (emphasis on SUPPOSED, because not many guys do so) to do anyway but hey, im sure most girls would feel the same way.


today, i was in the car with a friend of mine who was sending me home from college. he had actually finished earlier, and id told him to go right on home and not to worry about me, but because he was worried about how i would get home, he said that he would wait.

so after my class ended, it was raining cats and dogs, the same as the past few days. as we drove on, the roads became so flooded that the water got into his car's engine and we had to pull over at a nearby petrol station. he made attempts to fix the situation, and (in the rain) walked to a nearby car repair workshop, but turns out that the water had caused some major issues which would take more than just a few minutes to fix. all this while, i was just sitting in the car, or mooching around the inside petrol station reading the latest issues of 'female' and 'glamour'.

i know, i know, i felt really bad, but what was i to do? having zero knowledge about anything automobile-related, i had no clue on how to help, and was afraid of being a hindrance rather than help if i hung around. so for more than an hour, while the rain poured down with a vengeance and the wind blew in stinging gusts, he fretted and sweated over how to fix the situation, and i was just chilling like an ice cube keeping dry indoors. from time to time, he'd come to me to check on how i was doing or if i needed anything.

when the rain died down a bit, he finally got the mechanics to come over and have a look at his car. turns out that there were actually some major issues, and there would have to be some serious work to be done before his car would be fit to be up and running.

he then walked me home because he didnt want me to wait and be stuck there for goodness-knows-how-long it would have taken to get the problem rectified. even though my house was only about half a kilometre away and i was perfectly capable of walking back myself, he insisted because he said that it wasnt safe for me to go alone. hah! if you know me, it wouldnt be safe for anyone to try and pick on me because gutsy me would kick them hard right in the balls. but still, i liked it that he insisted. :)

unlike other guys who might have experienced the same situation, who would have made a big deal complaining about it and making me feel guilty, all the way back, he was apologizing to me. however, i felt that  i should be the one feeling bad about the situation because in a way, it might have been my fault for making him wait in the first place, since if he hadnt waited for me, he wouldnt have got caught in the rain and had all these problems. i thought it was very nice, and rather sweet of him to be so conscious and sensitive towards the issue.


for all guys out there, you might not have to be caught in the pouring rain with a girl and walk her home to show her your chivalrous side, but it would be nice if you could do so in small ways. things like offering a girl your arm up a flight of stairs when she's wearing 5 inch heels, covering her with your jacket when she says she's cold, helping her reach for that book on the highest shelf. trust me, we girls notice gestures like this, however little, and we'll remember what you did for us, for a long, long time.

we notice and remember it more than we do for good looks, for brains, for your 6 pack, for your mazda rx8. after all, there are more than a few guys who are handsome, smart, brawny, and drive flashy cars, but a guy who takes the trouble to look after us a little better, ah, those are a rarer species altogether.

chivalry is sexy! :)

p.s. found a few more photos off the net and i just couldnt resist sharing them! so, here you are.

too cute!

i hope not!

aww how dear.

some girls are too feminist for their own good.

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