Thursday, March 17, 2011


total atrocity. complete calamity. epic disaster.

friday, by rebecca black.

there should be laws prohibiting the distribution of videos like this. i nearly fell off my chair reeling back from the sheer horror of it.

the fact that a prepubescent teeny bopper who cant sing for nuts could have a video as bad as this viewed 13million times in the space of a few days really boggles me.

i looked it up on google, and turns out that she was able to get this video done because her filthy rich parents actually paid some company to make this video for their wannabe popstar daughter.

it's actually kinda sad - this poor kid shouldnt have to take all the blame for the fact that she's the star of a crappy video like this, and is currently a huge laughing stock. the main culprits are really her parents, who dont know how to say 'no' to her. why the heck would you let your daughter make such a fool of herself in front of the entire cyber world?

so there's been countless parodies on it, but what's amusing is that these parodies are actually so much better than the original.

i mean, this parody by kalie shorr here actually sounds good. brilliant in fact, compared to the original.

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