Thursday, March 31, 2011


i know my blog doesn't seem to be so happening lately.

*inserts picture in attempt to make things look more interesting*

i think my eyes look somewhat red in the picture above, hmm.

anyway, getting down to blogging.

for the past few weeks, this group of malay boys (i am not racist, i am merely describing them, and mentioning their race as part of my description) who talk loudly with their coversation littered with expletives, have been coming to the basketball court to play.

and it annoys me. THEY annoy me.

i have nothing against people of whatever race coming to the basketball court, in fact even in my group we have malays and other people of mixed race as well, but from what i have seen so far, this particular group of kids are ill-mannered, vulgar, and unrefined. i know you think i am very mean, so allow me to clarify.

the other day, we saw them flinging a random object around, and they seemed to be very excited about it. hoots of laughter, shrieks of excitement and merriment could be heard, as though they had gotten their hands on something very interesting and were very pleased with themselves.

they then threw the said object high up into the air, and that was when we realized from its outline that it was a bra. when i walked by afterwards, the bra was on the ground (lacy, purple in colour, at least a C cup, or if not a B+)

there are only 3 ways they would have got their hands on one.
A. they bought it.
B. the bra belongs to one of their sisters / mother / auntie / grandmother / whoever else who does their laundry in their house and so they just conveniently lifted it off the clothesline.
C. they stole it.

i think the answer is obviously C. for A., yeah right, a bunch of 15 year old teenage boys would go spend their money on a bra at a shop. don't (some) 15 year olds have better things to spend their money on, such as buying cigarettes and smoking in a (failed) attempt to look cool? or spending hours in cybercafes shouting "KNN CCB" while killing trolls? do people even kill trolls in cybercafes anymore? whatever.

option B. is likely to be out of the picture as well, because as screwed up a scumbag as anyone might be, i doubt that they would be having a great time flinging bras which belong to their sisters or mothers around. (but if they DO have a great time doing so, then some people are just too lewd for words)

another example of what they do to annoy me. there was a time when the court was very packed, as a lot of people had come to play that day. then, one of the malay boys walked to a tree nearest to the court. he then proceeded to casually pull out his little brother and happily do his business.


i think the only beings which are entitled to such acts in public are dogs.

i cannot for the life of me imagine any of my friends from my group doing that. i would rather forcefully refrain them from doing so before allowing them to make such a fool out of themselves in public. well, maybe except if they were really, REALLY, desperate. but still! at least go find another tree with lots of low-hanging boughs which would give you more coverage and spare us the embarassment!

also, there was a time when one of my friends approached a malay boy from their group to ask for the time, as the said boy was holding a phone.

friend : eh, can i have the time please?
malay boy : wait ah. *stares hard at the screen of his phone*
friend : *waits expectantly*

after one minute 

friend : erm, time?
malay boy : *still staring at screen*
friend : *peeks over*

and my friend sees that the said dude has been staring so engrossedly at the screen because he has been watching porn. oh how polite. anyway, after the malay boy finished watching his lovely video, he gave my friend the time, and then told him that he would love to f*** one of the younger girls (as in around 12 years old) who were cycling around the court.
and this guy was at least 15 or 16, i think. imagine that, 15 or 16 and wanting to lay into a 12 year old. what more, these 12 year olds are very the innocent looking and undeveloped type (if you know what i mean), not like some who already have B cups and wear microminis and tight fitting spaghetti straps and makeup.

i wish that these boys would screw off.


so now that i am done complaining, i shall talk about happier things.

today i was leaving the library, and as i was walking towards the door. just as i reached the front of the door and was about to open it, a guy i didn't know ran a few steps up behind me and opened it for me. :) i didn't even get to pause and smile at him, or give him a nod of acknowledgement as there were a few other people behind me. but it is nice to know that there are still more than a few nice guys around.

after my class, i had no transport back. so i called my friend.

me : hey where are you?
friend : just fetched my friend back, why?
me : oh was just looking for a lift back, but nevermind.
friend : im on my way back to college, if you want a lift then come to the office.

afterwards in the car, i asked him why he even came back to college if he'd already left. he then said "hmm, its ok, you needed a lift back."

i wish more guys were like this. :)

was looking at my nuffnang stats today, and it seems 10 people googled my name.

hmm. wonder who they were, what they were looking for under my name, and whether they came across any inappropriate posts. as you can see, google has also led people with other interesting search keywords to my blog.

P.S. going out with sheng and gang tomorrow, whee! :D

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