Tuesday, March 29, 2011



a picture of me when i was like what, 14?
 i was very tanned back then because that was a time of my life when basketball WAS my life. i ate, slept, drank, and breathed basketball.

damn, i was a whole lot skinnier back then. but now?
*sad face*

but on a sidenote, i was a lot flatter back then as well. haha!
oh well. guess you can't have everything. 

so anyway, i have something to share from the other day i was on the bus. it was 5.30pm, the peak hour. people were crammed in shoulder to shoulder and everyone was trying hard to act like statues and not move because the slightest shift in position would result in a dig in the ribs, a poke in the back, or  a kick in the shins to the person standing next to them.

you get my drift. it was so packed, i think that the nazi concentration camp at auschwitz would probably have had more breathing room.

so anyway, there i was just staring blankly ahead with music blasting through my headphones trying to ignore the heat and prominent B.O., when i noticed that a mother, who was with an infant child (and by that i mean probably less than a year old), had placed the baby on a seat of his own.

with all due respect, honestly, isn't that really inconsiderate?
for those who think that i'm being rude and insensitive, i beg to differ.

why should a  baby who is only the size of a biscuit tin, deserve a seat of his own, when 80 year old grannies with walking sticks carrying heavy bags of groceries, are standing and straining to keep their balance every time the bus turns a corner or goes over a hump?

if the mother were really so precious concerned about the comfort of her kid, shouldn't a more comfortable place be her lap, which would probably feel like a giant cushion to him? i'm sure that the mite mustn't have felt very comfortable on the hard plastic seat either, seeing the way he unhappily tumbled and back and forth and side to side, as though he were a barrel in a small boat on a rough ocean.

and dangerous too, don't you think? what if the bus driver had suddenly pulled the emergency brakes and everyone were jolted forward?

the child being as small and light as he was, would probably have been jolted a fair distance more.

thoughtless woman.

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