Saturday, March 5, 2011


all the recent hype about lady gaga's born this way song had made me curious. heard the song, thought it was hell good.

but then i youtubed it.

so many things wrong about this video i dont even know where to begin.

first off, the hell was she doing with the longass story about evil and perfection in the first two minutes of the video? the part where the hands pull a.. thing (it cant be called a baby. no human baby would look like that!) out from between a pair of legs, eww.

what is that shape at 0 : 33? looks like the connect the dots to get oh, a pair of ovaries!

the part at 1 : 24? looks like hell and all its doomed souls.

and when she's sitting on her throne she looks like this.

some satanic demonic thingymajiggy.

at 4 : 48 there she is having some deformed grotesque being pulled out from between her legs again.

5 : 58, she's made up like a skeleton in a tux dry humping a dude who's made up like a skeleton in a tux. looks rather comical as he stands expressionless and rigid as she rubs her body against his with much vigour, haha!

6 : 17, she dry humps him even more energetically with even more gusto.

6 : 23, she and her gang of hangers on are happily wallowing in a puddle of black slime.

6 : 38, rocking enthusiastically against that guy who again, stands stiff and stoic.

6 : 54, i think she's trying to imitate madonna.

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