Sunday, March 6, 2011



well, after church i went for lunch with my family. havent eaten with them in a while, so yeah, that's on thing that has made my day. 

we went to subang parade, and in front of McD, celcom had set up some promotion booth.

saw this guy beside the booth standing stock still. i went up to him to take a picture, and he moved and struck this pose.

not nice! 
i dont like the way the guy posed either. id have preferred it if he'd just been standing rigidly, staring blankly into space, with one hand on his cane and the other on his waist. 

pardon my pale, patchy face, my puffy eyes. this is the result of having less than 4 hours of sleep three consecutive nights in a row.

there was another funny character there, so i took a picture with him / it as well. 
not sure if its a him because it's so short!

was still talking when my sister pressed the button. i look so haggard and drawn.

btw, like my skirt? i got it at pyramid for freaking cheap, plus the material's good. :) yes i know cotton on sells skirts like that too, but i dont like wearing the same thing as everyone else.

after that, i went shopping. even if i didnt get the chance to really, REALLY shop (my definition of serious shopping is at least 4 hours) i still got myself a couple of good buys.

i love bazaar was happening today, and i saw this booth selling all sorts of accessories. 

and their stuff was, wow. really really nice, compared to other regular booths. 

see! nice right!
the ones ive circled in red are those that i think are particularly nice / interesting.

i thought that some of the pieces there looked awfully familiar, and asked why. the owner of this booth then told me that she gets her goods from the very same factories that produce supply for diva / dorothy perkins / topshop / forever21 / etc  when they have surplus stock, and then sells them at bazaars for much lower than their original prices.

like OMG are you freaking kidding me. 
accessories like those going for as low as that? 
grab! :D

time to show you the pretties i got meself. :)

rose ring with diamente - rm13 
wreath of olive leaves ring - rm8

yes i know freaking cheap. so silly of me to reveal all this, or people would definitely think that i got them at some high end outlet. in fact im pretty sure i saw the rose ring with diamente somewhere before.

walked around a bit more, and saw a shop selling all these earrings. they had really gorgeous ones too, but pricier. like rm20 a pair? (yes i know rm20 a pair isnt much for some people but im not so rich like you la kay)

however, they had a 3 for 10 section, and i saw these interesting pieces.

panther - can you believe that i saw a similar piece at nose before, and it cost rm50 or more if im not mistaken.

bows - so sweet! ive actually been looking for bow earrings, but couldnt find any at reasonable prices before. saw some nice ones at nose as well, but again, they cost around rm30 a pair.

wings - i've always had this fascination with wings. to me, they symbolize freedom, hope, calmness, majesty, and power.

a few pictures from friday :)

taken with my lousy cameraphone

i quite like the way i did my eyeliner that day, bold and strong. was trying out something different for the fun of it.
so, some pictures to show for my efforts.

attempting the sexy tousled bedhead look. 

 woah increased the brightness setting too much in an  attempt to appear fairer. fail!
and why does my hair look like i gunked it up with wax or something? disgusting.

 (failed) wink. 
teehee. ;)

got myself some necessities from guardian.

yes la i use maybelline compact powder, not any of your chanel or mac or bobbi brown shizz. like i said, im not rich.

and as for the deodorant?

deodorant's a neccesity, because without deodorant id stink, and if id stink no guy would be attracted to me (ignore the fact that i dont actually have a line of eager suitors awaiting at my door) and if no guy were attracted to me, i wont be able to get married, and if i dont get married, id end up a grouchy old lady who lives with 27 cats for company and eventually die old, miserable and lonely. 

so, there you are. 
deodorant's important. every girl should use it. unless of course, you by some miracle, have phenomenal armpits without any sweat glands. 

lucky bitch.

the only females who never used deodorant because they had good reason not to, were probably the flintstones.

back then, BO was probably attractive.
speaking of which, i remember reading somewhere that we use our sense of smell to detect pheromones in other people, by which we are able to tell if they'd make a good partner.

okay enough with me spewing out my nonsense here.

off to do law anaylsis :)

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