Monday, March 28, 2011


the other day i was in McD, and was absolutely dying to go to the washroom. however, the ladies was already occupied. i went back moaning to my sister and she said "use the guys washroom lah!"

i went back, opened the door of the guys washroom, promptly gagged and stubbornly refused to use it, no matter how desperate i was. heck, i'd even pee in a cup if i had to, but no way was i gonna use the guys washroom.

why? because there was freaking piss all over the toilet seat and on the floor, that's why. i get really irritated when i see this, not only there, but also everywhere else where there's shared washrooms for males and females. i mean, don't guys know how to blardy hell aim?

the toilet bowl is so big already right, how hard can it be to just aim properly? or even if you DO have bad aim, at last have the courtesy of using toilet paper to wipe up your own mess, goddamnit.

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  1. Boy's bathrooms stink, end of story!! ha ha ha!!

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