Sunday, March 20, 2011


haven't been giving many pictures of my life lately, so here you are.

went out with nigel and crystal after the worship service today because it was church report day and staying to listen to figures and statistics would only result in us being bored.

we were walking about and i was as always, chattering away about everything and anything.

me : so i think the best ice cream that you could ever get for RM1 is McD's sundae cone! right right?
crystal : hey what about here? the ice cream is nice as well!

unconsciously, we had strolled straight up to the chocolate lounge. they sell their vanilla ice cream for RM1.50 per cup, which is pretty reasonable, but i had yet to try it. since nigel and crystal were up for it, the three of us settled down for ice cream at the chocolate lounge.

nigel and crystal buying ice cream.

cakes! mehh. the ones at secret recipe are probably nicer. and cheaper.

pictures of our ice cream because my frivolous hyperactive mind gets excited by little things like that.

take one

take two - the ice cream on the right looks as though it's about to drip down at any moment.

crystal and i.
she's like what, 7 years older than me, but we get along well!
she doesn't look like she's that much older, does she?

window shopped a bit more after that

pretty dress from a shop called doodles in asian avenue! they sell nice rings too.

i like this dress but it's obscenely short on me. if i were to bend over it would give people behind me a nice view of my rear end. i'm posting it up here to tell all the short girls who read my blog, go get it! it's very nice. i think it's about rm60?

because i know you all like seeing pictures of me, don't you?

however, if you hate me, go ahead and print out my picture, draw a moustache on my face and horns on my head, tack my picture up on your wall, and throw darts at me. i couldn't care less. :D

white tank, grey denim skirt - kitschen. watchpiece necklace - bazaar.

i don't like dressing up too fussily. most of the time i wear t-shirts, shorts, simple dresses, tank tops, and skirts.

dropped by the body shop for her to use up her free sample vouchers, walked a bit more, then we were off.

crystal and i again.
rats, im not looking at the camera.
in case you didn't notice, the flowers next to which we are sitting form a heart.

and, like my red longchamp inspired bag? i got it for only RM25, plus the quality is superb! 
mygoodness i'm so proud of myself for getting such a nice bag at such a low price.
*wipes away tears of happiness*

running shorts from reebok. cost RM60. well they were actually RM100 but with a 40% discount. still expensive! D:
but i really liked them. and thus, my weak mind succumbed to the temptation.
*hides face*

wah wah stress stress assignments assignments.

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  1. *ahem* think we're only 5 years apart... im not that old...;)
    btw it was nigel's ice cream treat =P aha forgot to thank him..