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im FINALLEH blogging about the outing on friday. intended to blog much earlier but have been having tests since last week, which explains why my recent posts were so wordy and lacking in pictures.

last friday, a bunch of us rbsers met up in 1u. the occasion?
sheng was back in malaysia!

japan had stolen her from us for a while, so it was time to make up for lost time.

after all of us had gathered, we headed to dave's for lunch.

interesting pictures on the walls.

i know it looks rather posh / pricey in contrast to places where a group of kids like us would usually hang out. we were so boisterous there, compared to the rest of the crowd! and yeah, it actually is rather costly, with prices averaging rm20-80.

but we went there during their lunch hour pasta promotion.

i know most people would first see the '50%' and then 'selected pasta' and subsequently think that all you're gonna get is like 5 choices of pasta which are just gonna be limp strands of noodles with watery sauce, but hey thats not true in this case.

here at dave's, you have two full pages of options which would be, i dont know, maybe about 20 options?
most of the pastas are priced rm20-40 at the usual rate.

you can see your food being cooked.
isnt their kitchen clean?

im not exactly sure what the mirror is for, but im guessing its for us to observe our food being prepared? interesting idea.

so we placed our orders and while waiting for the food to arrive, we did our usual girl thing, toilet break!
*posts up camwhore picture*

ahem ok back to the topic.

when rachel and i returned from the toilet, the food had already been served. i shrieked "wait nobody touch their food until i get pictures!"

and so, here you go. :)

sheng's pasta.

bacon, meatballs, and mixed mushrooms with creamy carbonara sauce.

rachel's pasta.

ham and and mushrooms.
*i think*


bacon and meatballs?


mix of shitake, button, and oyster mushrooms.

and the pasta was awesome! really! 
ok enough with the food pics, more about the company.

joshua and alex.


us girls from left - joyi, me, sheng, rachel.

group pic.

2 second self timer, everyone so not ready. joshua's smile looks so forced, i was blinking, sheng and rachel are moving, yungtyng was running back to our table after pressing the button.

10 second self timer, much better! except that alex looks like a rabbit.

me and sheng, holding our rbs booklet from last year!
(ohgoodness my eyebags)

the 'missing' concept however, applies to mingyue this time round. faster come back from UK mingy!

dont know what we were laughing at, but whatever it was sheng was slow to get the joke.

we sat and chatted for a long time, and then when we got our asses off our seats, we went
browsing around.


holy crap this would make a cool tattoo. imagine having this inked on my wrists, rawrsome. when i was watching london ink the other day, i saw a girl getting it done, and it looked so gorgeous!

i googled it to show you guys but couldnt find it.
however, i got distracted by this other picture of a key tattoo which i find really interesting as well.

simple, pretty, unique, has depth. plus the heart symbolizes certain meanings.

full length mirror ;)

rachel and joyi.

caught a movie after that, i am number four. for my review of it, click here.

saw this outside our cinema hall.

haha couldnt resist posting this up, even though i look mad fat! (oh who am i kidding, i AM mad fat -__-)
not a bieber fan, btw. i just find this funny.

we shopped around more after that. well to be more accurate, us girls shopped round more after that, with the guys in tow dragging their feet around after us.

we went to padini

the reason im taking this pic holding my hair up is to check if this pair of shades, which i really liked, suited my face shape.
thumbs up for the details at the sides!

joyi saw me taking pictures and she joined in.

and so we camwhored some more.
see the details at the side of the shades? naise. :)

then sheng saw us.


arent joyi's shades so stylish.

then we headed to a few more shops.
cotton on!

there were a few racks on major discounts, and i was just mindlessly shifting through, when i saw this dress.

i know it isnt a piece which knocks your socks off, but it actually has lace details at the back, which makes it more interesting. and it's simple and easy to wear.

bought got it for a crazy cheap price!
not telling how much hmph.

it was already around 8. dinnertime, so we went looking for noms.

new york new york.

was contemplating posting up pictures of the food cos i was afraid of boring you guys but.. ah whatever here goes.

the menu.

while flipping through, one thing caught my eye.

deep fried mars bars?

sounds like another name for 'truckload of calories'.

sheng's lasagna.

lance's bratwursts wrapped in turkey bacon.

yungtyng's hawaii teriyaki burger.

my cheesy chicken.

joyi's teriyaki chicken.

ian's breakfast set.
looks so pathetic haha!

group pic 2.

yungtyng, lance, ian, jeff, sheng, me, joyi and eijean.
i just realised that we were sitting according to gender.

oh and i also realised that in all of the pictures for this post, my hair looks awesome.
*tak tau malu*

so since i havent seen sheng for so long, i DEMANDED to have more pictures taken with her.


nice, i like. take another one!


after our meal we walked around and a few shops away, i saw this little cafe called molten lava, and it was selling macarons.

curious about all the recent hype surrounding macarons, i went to have a look. their flavours sounded so delish! they had durian and pandan macarons too wow.

in the end, even at the price of rm3 per piece, i couldnt resist buying 3, just to try.

my chocolate ganache and peanutbutter macaron. the one hiding below this is the hazelnut praline.

i just spent rm9 on 3 macarons the size of 50sen coins and there i am, smiling like a fool.

the macarons were ok i guess. they were very sweet, very rich and sinful. by the time id finished eating 3 one after another, i felt rather yucky.

 i suppose that you should eat no more than one at a time by nibbling around the edges, sipping afternoon tea with your pinky sticking out, the table covered with shiny silverware, frilly delicate doilies and cloths for good effect.

that's what im talking about :)

blair waldorf seems to be another macaron aficionado.

digression, again. as you can see, im rather easily distracted. 

we went to parkson after that to play with stuffed bears cos we're cool like that yo.

going out with sheng again tomorrow, yay. :)

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