Friday, March 11, 2011


today i went to print out my documentation and poster for image editing class, which was supposed to be in A3 size. before i printed my poster out, there seemed to be a complication with the procedure. i pointed it out to the dude who was in charge of the machine, but he didnt respond. so i raised my voice, thinking he hadnt heard me. this time, he only looked at the screen, then at me with dumb indifference (and did i detect veiled scorn?), clicked the 'proceed with printing' option, and turned his back on me.

i figured that since he wasnt really bothered, this was probably no big deal, and everything would turn out fine. however, my poster came out all screwed up. the guy then told me that the amount due was rm3.

well, of all the nerve! no way i was going to be bullied into paying for service like this, so i planted my two feet firmly upon the ground, crossed my arms, looked him in the eye, and countered ;

"just now, i asked you if there would be any problem with the copies if i proceeded, but you did not answer me and just went ahead anyway. now, my work is printed out all wrong. and im supposed to pay for this service?"

he stared at me obstinately, hand still blatantly outstretched for the money.

"i asked you if there would be a problem, but you did not reply and just went ahead with it without bothering to address the issue. and now you still expect me to pay?" i repeated.

eyes agog, mouth hanging open, for a split second, he appeared to be searching for a good retort to what i was saying. then, seemingly finding nothing and realizing that he was fighting a losing battle, he then defeatedly scrunched up the poster and said "fine, never mind!"

so i jubilantly got away with my argument (and my 3 bucks).
suck on that!

reflecting on today's incident, im sure lots of you would agree with me on how bad the service in malaysia is for most things, and it really is kinda sad. not only for those who are serving us, but for us, who are being served.

it takes two to clap and in some ways, we really are no better than the guy who served us the wrong plate of food, or the obnoxious waitress behind the counter, or for the snotty receptionist who kept us waiting for a good half hour as she twirled her hair and sniggered on the phone with her friend about who went home with who after last night's round of drinks, when we stay silent and just condone the crappy treatment. with this, we are only encouraging their behaviour.

as much as we laugh and warmly look upon our very typical 'tidak apa' malaysian attitude, it is really depressing, and also rather pathetic, to know that we poke fun and make light of it while deep down inside, there is the teeniest bit of shame, of embarassment, to know and endure the fact that we're living in a society like this, where it is common for people to think 'who cares?', or even worse, care but are afraid to speak up, and so just flaccidly, stupidly, suck it up, then silently grouse and grumble among themselves because they dont have the guts to speak up against it.

im saying this half in jest, half seriously - dont you think it would be great if everyone were to make a complaint and kick up a huge fuss over getting a teh ais instead of a milo, of being made to wait 15 minutes for one glass of plain water, of the rudeness of sales assistants in certain shops? i can assure you that if that were to happen, we would have impeccable, top notch service in our country. (yeah right, dream on.)

if only everyone would take a stand and say firmly, "no, i will not take any more of this shitcrap, and i will take the initiative to make sure that no one else does."

kinda like the way the blacks decided to stand up for their rights all those years ago, and today, look where they are.


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  2. Good For You! You Have To Stand Up To These People! After All It Is Your Money, You're Spending!

    I'm Really Enjoying Reading Your Blog!