Saturday, March 19, 2011


1. if you are so determined to believe the worst of everything, so doggedly upturning every single little thing in life looking for something to critique, and spouting on and on about how much everything sucks, then go ahead. since you're so certain of it, i'm sure that you're right anyway. be my guest and be the victim of your own poisonous, malicious, warped mind. just don't blame anyone but yourself for it.

2. no, i don't have a boyfriend. :) people see me talking and laughing with random guys around, and there we go with all the speculations. i looked 'friendly' with the guy you saw me with the other day? erm, hello? do you know how many people from subang go to taylors / inti? of course i would know more than a few! but it IS amusing though, to hear all the stories and assumptions that are flying around. maybe i should just sit back and let idle tongues continue wagging so that i can continue being entertained by all these tall tales. :D

3. at the opposite end of the scale however, someone said that i will never be able to find anyone who loves me for who i am. because i'm too independent, too feisty, too strong, too spirited, too lively, not submissive enough, not well-mannered enough, not feminine enough.
hey you! guess what guess what?
go ahead and say what you want. after all, it's not like anything you say matters to me. heck, i wouldn't want YOU to love me anyway. :D

4. you. thank you. thanks for putting up with me all the time, i know i'm not the easiest person to tolerate, but you do so anyway without a single word of complaint, and make me feel so comfortable with you. thank you for taking the trouble to always be by my side. for listening to me and comforting me during the times i bitch about how much life sucks and nothing's going my way, for all the times you put up with me and so much of my nonsense, because we're tight like that. it's awesome how i can say nothing at all, and you know exactly what's on my mind. i love you. :)

5. i don't know. sometimes when i see you i get tingles in my tummy, and at other times, i'm so indifferent to the fact that you even exist. you might be going away soon and i'm torn between wanting to see you more before you leave, or shutting you out from my life now so that i won't have to deal with you being gone. i wish i could be brave enough to open up and tell you how i feel, but we're so far apart, and i never know what's going on in your head. whatever it is, come what may, i wish you well, and all the best in life. i'm sure you'll go far. just be sure to remember me when you get there.

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