Wednesday, February 23, 2011


today, someone told me that she had overheard people talking about me. not in a nice way, not in a nice way at all. apparently, some people have been saying that im moody, egotistical, bad tempered, and stuck up.


moody? egotistical? bad tempered? stuck up? gee, i dont know, but people, if you've been following my blog, i dont think that anyone would be shouting in disagreement if i were to say that for the most part, that im cheerful, easygoing, lighthearted, and ready to mix with anyone who's ready to be my friend.

my first reaction when she told me so, was amusement. amused that how people who dont even know who i really am, people who dont talk to me, or know what im like, could think such things about me. yes, i admit that i dont really talk to these group of people, but not because i think there's anything wrong with them, or that i dislike them - its just that i feel that we're on different wavelengths and have different mindsets.

however, these people who dont even really know me that well at all, are going around sticking labels on me as if they're sticking post its on a board.

but it's ok, i guess. im not angry with them. im not even mildly annoyed, or bothered. i dont blame them for thinking of me the way they do, since everyone has their own way of thinking which is different from everyone else. 

so what if a couple of people think that im a snobby stuck up bitch, when they dont even know me that well? who are they to me anyway, and why should i care? 

im sure as hell not gonna change myself just for the sake of pleasing other people. i dont think badly of anyone who's having all these negative perceptions about me, its just one of the things that people do in life, we're more inclined to believe the bad rather than the good, even if we might not know the whole truth.

id sure appreciate it if people actually KNEW me, actually had conversations with me before deciding what im like. while i cant say for sure, im pretty certain it wouldnt be what some have in mind right now. :)

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  1. Who cares, if you disagree? You are not me. Who made you king of anything?
    You're right. They don't know you, so no need to care. They think what they want to think, if they're happy with it, that's good for them. You know better than that, and your friends too.