Saturday, February 12, 2011


heylow, folks. :)

starting off this post on a random note, someone told me the yesterday that i have big eyes.
*bursts out laughing*

nice attempt to flatter me, casanova, but it was an epic fail.

big eyes?
just who are you trying to kid, exactly?

thats like saying justin bieber's the epitome of manliness.

me laikes the above picture because my eyes look huge.
simply ginormous, compared to what they actually are in real life.

yknow what my eyes look like in real life?

they look like brock's eyes.

yes, brock the gym leader!

im serious, no kidding

brock's eyes are just SO small, to the extent that they seem eternally shut.

i know, i know. 
already in college but still harping on about pokemon characters?

that's just sad right?

wanna know what's sadder?

the only thing that could be sadder is not having a valentine next monday. actually, not having a valentine for the past 18 years of my life as well. imagine that, 19years old and i still havent had one! im so depressed thinking about it that imma slit my wrists right now. maybe when they're rushing me to the hospital i'll meet some cute intern doctor, who will solve all my problems.


was going to blog about valentine's day, but ah well, you know me. always a flurry of words, and sometimes it takes me some time to get to my point.

so, you ask, what is my point?
there is no point. this is a circle.

ok, that was lame. =.=

so anyway, id better get to the point (for real) before you guys get bored of my nonsensical nattering and close this window.

yes, i havent had a valentine since forever. and i would be lying if i said that i didnt wish, at least once in a while, for someone to call my own.

however, being single is pretty darn awesome too. im proud of being able to stand on my own two feet, of my independence. im happy having time to myself, not having to have someone else to worry about and always be wary of someone else's feelings all the time. im glad of the ability to mix around with anyone i want, to do whatever, i want, without being accountable to someone else. i appreciate not having to deal with drama, worries, insecurities, and all that usually comes packaged with a relationship.

while i'd like to have someone, i would never, EVER, do anything differently, or go out of my way and be somebody im not just for the sake of having a guy. i've seen only too many young couples who were in this dreamy candyfloss world of their own when they got together, only to have all that somehow evilly morph into a thorny bramble of hurt and regrets. so many people give up their dreams, aspirations, beliefs and principles just to satisfy their other half, only to end up wishing they hadnt done so at the end of the day when they realize that being true to yourself and never letting go of what you believe in is just as, if not even more important than keeping the one you love.

in my opinion, why change who you are, just to satisfy someone else?

im not talking about small things such as the your favourite colours, or the foods that you like to eat, but the very essence of your soul, the blocks that built you to the very person you are. if your boy truly does love you, he would accept you, regardless of all your shortcomings and flaws. and if he leaves you because he doesnt like the 'real' you, then take heart. you have not lost him, you have only let him go in exchange for someone better, someone who will definitely come along.
the RIGHT someone.

i still believe in The One, i believe that mine is out there somewhere, and we WILL find each other when the time is right, not a moment sooner or later. 

right now, the world is my conquest, and i shall venture on boldly, starry eyed, determined, and with fire in my spirit.

happy valentine's day, people!

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