Monday, February 7, 2011


because i just realized i havent posted up a camwhore-y pic of myself in quite a while, here's a nice (if i say so myself) picture of me with a properly made up face and freshly washed hair, all ready to go out sometime last week.

got back from penang today. the traffic was madness i tell you. MADNESS! we started our journey at 5pm yesterday, and the roads were clogged worse than a bathtub with a shedding polar bear bathing in it. so we made a decision to stop by ipoh, at my aunt's place to take a break, and only reached there close to midnight. after a few hours of shut eye, we got moving again at 5am, and only reached KL at 9am. =.=

my CNY visit back to penang was so-so. nothing that would get you jumping up and down in excitement so im not gonna blog about it in length. it was just hopping around house after house after house. hopped so much i feel like im a grasshopper now LOL. 

but due to all that house hopping, i actually got a pretty good haul of ang paos this year! :) already ive gotten so much, and CNY isnt even over yet! 

ohyeah, and i went to pulau aman cause some friends of my dad wanted to go fishing. you know those tourism ads of white sandy beaches, of swaying palm trees, of crystal clear waters with lots of tiny coulourful fishes darting about the breathtaking corals? 

Tropical Island Maldives

well, put all that out of your mind.  it was crap. a good experience, but crap. we had to take a boat there, which was nothing more than pieces of wood hammered together in a primeval fashion, and no safety holds at all to prevent anyone from falling into the water. 

AND THEN when we reached the island, we had to walk all the way around to the other side to fish, because the area close to the jetty is all houses and boats and besides, the island's too small for proper roads for cars. the beach was like what, a meter of rocky terrain, and bushes with thorny brambles were all around. spent roughly 4 hours there just sitting on a rock wishing i was anywhere but there. however, put on a gracious expression for the sake of our hosts. after like what, 5 hours, did we only head back to the hotel. 

and did i mention that we picked the worst possible time to go, at 11 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon? which lunatic goes and sits on the beach at that time, i have no idea. plus i wasnt even anticipating such an outing, so i didnt even have the proper attire. all i had which was even remotely acceptable was this checkered shirt, and shorts from cotton on.

woke up every morning at 7.30ish, just to take advantage of the breakfast buffet, and after eating id go straight back to my room and sleep until it was time for the next activity.

we stayed at sunway hotel, and oh joy, right next to the hotel was the sunway carnival mall! :)

i was initially happy to be staying somewhere near a shopping mall, but that changed after i visited the mall for the first time.

the mall was nothing to shout about. only THREE floors of shops, and more than half of them were closed for CNY anyway.

hmm and i ate at this seafood restaurant which was right next to the sea.

so yeah that pretty much sums up my CNY.

pros - got heaps and heaps of angpaos, way more than if i'd stayed in KL. we stayed in a nice hotel, and my sis and i had a room to ourselves. saw many many relatives. even though im not close to them because there arent many kids my age and the ones that are are all educated in mandarin, i guess its a good thing to keep in touch with your relatives, no?

cons - THE TRAFFIC. the hustle and bustle. the constant rushing to go here, there, here, and there. it was hot. 

hurmhurm so yeah i guess that's it. tata! :)

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