Saturday, February 19, 2011


yes i know it's a little late to be "tong chiang" ing, but here's an update from my chinese new year! 

on new year's eve, we went to pyramid to shop for a bit, turns out it was a total disappointment. half the shops were closed and the ones which were still open, closed early as i suppose everyone was going for their reunion dinner. 

i like this dress from nichii :)

if you know me, my style of dressing is simple and fuss free, comfortable with no frills. so this kinda dress suits me exactly. but it was pretty pricey for something as simple as that, so i didnt get it in the end. :(

i know it doesnt look THAT nice in this picture, but i found a maxi dress that suited my height perfectly, and had a nice cutting. plus the colours are really bright and vibrant!

and it was damn cheap seriously!
well, for a maxi dress made out of satin, with inner lining, it was probably the cheapest ive ever seen.

after our (pathetic) shopping endeavour, we then proceeded to my aunt's house for our reunion dinner.

so many noms!
i feel myself getting fatter just looking at this picture.

little cousin helping himself to rice.

everyone getting their noms.

see my bro so loser playing with toys during chinese new year reunion dinner.

i told him "oi you! stop being so lifeless and go eat!"

we ate and ate until we couldnt eat any more.. and then it was time for yee sang!

everyone trying to 'lou' the 'sang' as high as possible.

me, i dont really care about whether i get to lou sang or not because i just dont get hyped up over yee sang the way others do. i dont even like eating it that much.

cousin offering fortune cookies to my grandpa :)

so kewt :D

what my sister's fortune cookie said

my cousin got this in her fortune cookie

behold, what does my fortune cookie foretell?

"behind every able man, there are always other able men"

seriously? what bullshit!

i conclude that fortune cookies hold sayings that are fantastically vague, so that you cant exactly pinpoint what they mean, and when something even remotely related to it happens in your life, you go "oh so THAT'S what my fortune cookie meant! how amazing!"

well, wise up, sucker.

the younger cousins playing.

oh, btw, my family is damn imba. all of us older ones (jessica, melinda, sophia, charis, my sister, and i) are all girls, while all the younger ones (jonathan, edward, justin, brandon, and my bro) are all guys.

lining up for ang paos :)

have more pictures, but i think i'll do a continuation in another post.

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