Thursday, February 17, 2011


how was your day?

mine started off pretty all right. 
bestie's class was cancelled so we unexpectedly got to hang out with each other.

then when i came back, i tried on my roxy shorts on a whim. id barely worn these shorts since getting them in aussie last year, and when i put them on i discovered that i'd lost some weight, because they were a whole lot loser!
however, i noticed that while the rest of me was smaller, id put on some weight around my middle 

what nonsense! 
can anybody tell me why? how is it possible to lose inches off everywhere else but get tubbier around the middle?!

ah whatever i guess i shouldnt complain. after all, i did lose weight, and inches off everywhere else save my tummy.
guess i gotta work on that then.

after that i went to sleep AND GUESS WHAT i woke up with a terrible flu T.T
so i was supposed to work on my marketing assignment, but i said "screw it! im sick so i deserve to be pampered and im gonna indulge!"

so here i am, blogging instead of doing my assignment.

btw, i was asking chai chi what animal best represented me today, and she said a parrot.

i asked her why, and she said it was because i have a colourful personality, i talk a lot (yes A LOT), and i make a good companion. :)

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