Sunday, February 13, 2011


was hopping around vids on youtube and came across this! 

so purdy i want my hair to keep on growing so that i can do all kinds of cool stuff with it!

this 1960's beehive looks totally posh and classy.

aishwarya rai looked simply ravishing in the loreal ad, with kickass hair to boot.

this one looks amazing, but you'd need a hell lot of hair to make it work.


loving the curls. i quite like curly hair, not the kind where the hair's in ringlets so tight it looks like a spring, or those grandma maggie mee curls. i like big, soft, natural curls, which cascade and tumble down your back.

ok now that im done looking at pretty hair, lets have a look at something different, shall we?

know what this hairstyle reminds me of?

haha :D

now, that's one hairstyle which would make people sit up and take notice of you the moment you walked into a room.

Crazy Hairstyles

gives a whole new definition to the phrase 'walking around with a dark cloud over your head', doesnt it?

so, i've been toying around with the idea of getting pink hair for a while now.

imagine crossing the road with hair that colour! i wouldnt even need a pedestrian light. cars would see my hair from a mile away, and stop to gawk at it.

this one isnt very nice. it just seems so artificial, as if you're having on a wig full of pink synthetic hair.

but well,a whole head of pink hair? i suppose that it IS a little extreme. and how on earth would i coordinate hair like that with all of my outfits? a plus side to having hair in the classic colour of black is not having to worry about matching it with clothes. of course, having hair in the only other classic colour, white, would warrant being able to do the same thing, but somehow when im a little old granny of 90 rocking away in her chair, i dont think id be too concerned about matching my hair with a leopard print dress.

so anyway, where was i? ah yes. pink hair.

if i cant have a whole head of pink hair, i think this is absolutely smashing as well

this is DA BOMB.

now, does anyone know where to get pink hairdye?

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