Monday, February 14, 2011


it's a public holiday and im choosing to spend it at home, alternating between sitting in front of the idiot box, and in front of the computer. im pretty sure all the malls will be packed and i dont wanna go squeeze in among the hordes of people. i detest crowded places. besides, its not like i dont have anything else to do. 

complete law analysis, get ads for advertising class, finish my story for newswriting class, and complete the image editing exercises.

woohoo see how happening my life is?
*whoops with excitement*

but still, it's nice to have a day to myself, even if i do have some backlogged work to get out of the way. i wanted to blog more about chinese new year, turns out that i do have some more pictures of it and i suppose that getting them here on the blog would ensure that the trouble of snapping them wouldnt be in vain.

but then id have to go dig out my camera from my bag, get out the memory card, and slot it into the computer. i just painted my nails, and they're still wet. so im not gonna take the risk of screwing up my carefully painted nails. maybe tonight?

since im looking up ads, i might as well share some of them with you guys.

im sure many of us are familiar with macdonalds ads. dont you agree with me how misleading they are? 

you see this ad of a huge burger with two juicy patties staring at you in the face, and you're so enticed by it that you find yourself walking into McD's to buy the exact same thing. upon sitting down and unwrapping your burger to eat it, you are duly disappointed with the sad flat buns and paper thin patties that you are now holding in your hands.

what comes to your mind when you see this ad? the first thing i thought was, gang rape. =.=

obscene much!!

exploiting children and has underlying strains of racism.

this one portrays women in an extremely distasteful light. 

you know what, in my opinion, PETA is a huge hypocrite in some ways. advocating themselves to the rights of animals, while at the same time coming up with all sorts of ads using women and sex to catch your attention. dont believe me? go google peta ads females / peta ads sexism and see for yourselves.

i hope it doesnt rain later. i wanna go play basketball.
toodles! :)

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