Wednesday, February 9, 2011


assignments stacked up high, threatening to fall over, to crush and suffocate me to death.

but no!
die die also must update!

here we are. :)

to start off, dont think i havent been aware of the stark lack of pictures which have been in my recent updates. i know, i know, ok! im just too lazy to come back and immediately upload all pictures into the comp every time i take a few pictures. so i usually wait until the pictures in my camera have reached a significant amount until i put them in.

i took chaichi shopping in KL some time ago.

why does my face look so patchy in the picture above? X(
and why do my lips look so pale and cracked? oh well.

belanja-ed her baskin robbins at the outlet near our college.

the baskin robbins there is like, so empty! all the workers do are hang around and wait for the time to pass. easy money much.

chaichi scaring away a flock of pigeons on the streets, haha. 

ole ole bali at empire a couple of weeks ago.

my chicken and beef combo.

that is some awesome beef i tell you. it's marinated so well, uber juicy and tender, simply bursting with flavour of the pepper and spices that they used. the portion is huge! and when i say huge, i mean HUGE. i could only manage to eat slightly more than half of it.

i mean only half of the chicken and beef. the sidelines, i just pushed aside onto my family members. :)

my sister's nasi padang.

bro's fish and chips.

i dont know why it looks so small in the picture. i assure you that the portion is actually very big.

dad's seafood platter.
consists of a giant prawn, two pieces of fish fried in batter, and grilled squid.

looks small in the picture too, dont know why.

overall, i would rate ole ole bali 8.5/10

the portion size is extremely generous, not like some places which charge you sky high and then serve you some tiny plate of food with dainty garnishings and the like. this place serves serious food. perfect place to go if you're a big eater!

the options available and the taste of the food are wonderful too. the menu is mostly balinese / asian, but there are some western choices too, such as fish and chips and chicken chop.

price wise, you'd better be prepared to fork out a minimum of at least rm50 for two persons, and that's if you're moderate eaters. if you're a big eater, id say probably rm80? but then, it's hard to say for sure.

just be assured that the food there IS nice, and is worth paying for.

went to whisk after our meal, as sis wanted to try their macarons. 

i initially wanted to try them too, but after seeing the price, nehh.

i mean, rm2 for a macaron slightly bigger than a 20sen coin? i'll pass.

and look!
so pretty! :D

random picture of macarons grabbed off the net, as it was too pretty to resist posting up. :)

i think it's cool that whisk displays its offering on the mirrors in the shop.

salt, pepper, or sugar?

took some random pictures around after that.

i made my brother do this. :)

the floral pattern of that hippo or whatever animal is it would look nice on a dress.

flowers in permanent bloom.


my eyeliner and mascara are so matchy matchy. total coincidence though.

some people have been asking me what eyeliner i use, so here it is! 
sasa's inhouse brand, the sasatinnie eyeliner. i first picked it up some time in the middle of last year as the salesgirl at sasa told me that it was a new product that they were promoting.

at that time, i was like,oh, really? ok try lah.

however, i was pleasantly surprised by its excellent performance. it goes on very, very, dark, is waterproof, and has wonderful staying power. even if you rub and rub your eyes, it sticks like a leech (sorry for the less than appealing description, couldnt think of anything else) and wont budge the slightest bit!

slides off fairly easily with oil based makeup remover though.

which reminds me, i use baby oil as a makeup remover sometimes when my elianto one isnt in reach, and baby oil works amazingly well as a makeup remover too! plus, you only need a very small amount of it to get rid of all the muck on your skin.

random picture of by brother and timmy playing pingpong at nicole's house.

ok bye off to do assignments. 

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