Saturday, February 26, 2011


think smallville, kyleXY, roswell, etc. I Am Number Four (IAN4) has a storyline that has been worked and reworked numerous times in the past. IAN4 tells the story of no.4 (alex pettyfer), or as he is known to us throughout the movie, john smith. his planet of origin, the planet lorien, has been destroyed by mogadorians, forcing surviving loriens to flee. however, the bloodthirsty mogadorians are hot on their trail, hunting them down. so between keeping off the radar of the football team, battling his feelings for sarah(dianna agron), the ex-girlfriend of the biggest jock at school, as well as trying to avoid getting killed by mogadorians, life aint exactly a bed of roses for john.

the movie starts off on a dull note, but gets better towards last quarter, when the 7 foot, pointy teethed, tattooed, and very sadistic mogadorians start to get more involved. the appearance of number 6(teresa palmer), a sultry hot biker chick with and aura of mystery around her, adds some spice.

the last 15 minutes of the movie, where john and no.6 fight against the mogadorians, with john throwing out blue balls of energy around, and no.6 slashing and shooting like there's no tomorrow, is probably the best part 
of the entire movie.

Alex Pettyfer in I Am Number Four

so, what's my verdict on it?

a few redeeming factors that are worth a mention are alex pettyfer's good looks

now there's some eye candy for you. :)

the mogadorians are pretty interesting too, with their pointy teeth, tattoos and gills.

but it looks as if IAN4 took voldemort straight out of hogwarts and plonked him into this movie.

dianna agron and teresa palmer provide a couple of pretty faces, but dont really do much.

teresa palmer as no.6, rawr.

dianna agron plays sarah, the town's resident photographer.

one part i found really stupid was when john and sarah were running through the woods, being pursued by murderous mogadorians, and john, full of emotion, looks intensely into sarah eyes and tells her that he has to leave. sarah then grabs his hand, says "come with me" and takes him to their school's photography lab to develop some pictures. 

like, what the hell?

while i wouldnt say that this movie totally sucked, it wouldnt have much reason to stick around in your memory for long after you've left the cinema.



  1. 5/10 only ah.. the trailer looks awesome, but trailers are usually taken from the best scenes :P

  2. magdalene : it only seems that way. :)

    ken : yeah 5/10. never assume how a movie's gonna be like based on the trailer. :)