Thursday, February 24, 2011


i've been watching quite a bit more of televison ever since my dad got us a spanking new 42 inch LED last year, and i've been seeing omega's ladymatic commercial featuring nicole kidman being played many many times over the past two weeks.

im my opinion, it's one of the best watch commercials ive ever seen (now come on, how often do you see a commercial for WATCHES that leave an actual impression?) but when i mentioned it to people, nobody seemed to have ever seen it!

absolutely flabbergasted.
so here's the said commercial for your viewing!

i think it's a really good commercial! impressive how they managed to convey such depth, such class, such sophistication so well in a 30 second commercial.

and it doesnt hurt that nicole already has such good looks to boot.

so regal, she looks like a queen.

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