Sunday, February 27, 2011


ok i really shouldnt be online right now because i have three consecutive tests on monday, tuesday, and friday which will be counted in our results at the end of the semester.

but here i am, staring at the computer because... procrastination is my way of life.
*flashes peace sign*

so i feel really guilty and damn bad today because i ate so much! so i just have to let out all my whiny rants first before i hit the books. i know you people are rolling your eyes thinking 'jeez, who gives a damn if some fat girl ate too much again today?"

well shaddup i dont care i feel so utterly repugnant and want to moan and roll around in misery and regret from my gluttonous indulgence today.

started off my day with church, and after the service there were char siew puffs.

char siew puffs? wow!
i'd never even heard of such things before, so i took one. and my, it was good. the crusty pastry was chock full, generously stuffed with yummy char siew. a smashing combination!

so i had three. D:

and then someone was walking around with a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

so i had a handful of those.

AND then when my dad wanted to go for lunch, i had a piece of chicken.

came back home, slept, went out to play basketball in the evening, returned all hot and sweaty and had some orange juice and a big BIG cup of milo with condensed milk.

then for dinner i had three sausages plus some mixed veggies.

i think i should stick a finger down my throat right now and throw up everything i ate. think that'd work to get out all the calories i consumed today? nah, they've probably all been digested by now. HAHA I KID (about the throwing up, in case you're totally dense).

but seriously, i really should stay away from food for at least a week.

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