Friday, February 25, 2011


last week, crystal suggested going to taylors lakeside campus for a drink and to hang out.

i thought, why not? would be a nice change from the usual hangout spots too.

she picked me up at 7 with fiona already in the car, and we were off.

the shopping area. they have a Mac shop, stationery shop, hair salon, famous amos, baskin robbins, subway, wong kok, and old town, just to name a few. 

oh yeah prior to going there, i googled 'restaurants / shops at taylors lakeside', because i was curious to know what restaurants there were. however, my search results came up zilch.

so to anyone else who wants to know, i hope this will be helpful - they also have a tutti frutti yoghurt, face to face pan mee, hoagie restaurant (they call sandwiches 'hoagies' in western countries). there's also a food court there, but most of the shops sell quite 'atas' food for a food court, with prices averaging rm10.

after meeting tzelin and tzeyuen, we settled down at wong kok.

tzelin's milk tea.

some fishball thingy in portugese sauce that crystal ordered.

my baked eggplant lasagna.
very healthy. :)

however, after a few bites, i could barely eat any more, and was struggling to finish it, even though it wasnt a big portion.*

at the end of the meal, crystal picked up the tab for all of us.

when she said that she was gonna pay, we all did the customary chinese thing "oh no la, dont need, i can pay myself!" etc etc. however, i found some lines that we came up with rather creative and funny.

me : aiyah, no need lah. you think i so poor no money to pay myself meh!

tzelin : *hands rm10 to crystal* nah here, my mum give you angpao!
crystal : *pushing tzelin's money away* oh thank you, my mum also give you back!

after our food, it was time for pictures!

me with fiona, who finally returned from australia. this time, for good.

crystal, tzeyuen, tzelin, fiona, and i.


a few years back, we barely talked, but now, even if she IS pretty much older than me, we get along well. i guess those years ago i was still a kid, and needed to grow up.


went down beside the lake to lepak and chit chat after our meal.

tzelin trying to see if there were any fishes.

fiona looks so cute! :)


yours truly.

the lake at night.

was freezing when got back and discovered that i had a raging temperature (*which was why i couldnt finish my food earlier). promptly put myself to bed huddled under layers of blankets.

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