Thursday, February 17, 2011


i just blogged out my last post about 2 hours ago, and like i said, i'm having this totally crappy flu. so instead of doing my marketing assignment like i'm supposed to, i'm looking at tattoo blogs.

kat von d is such a gorgeous woman!

beautiful lustrous hair, sexy curves, and a pretty face make for a top-to-toe package.

soooo sexay.

so im looking at right now too, and i see some pretty unique pieces.

such a simple idea, yet so unique and interesting.

the sparrow looks really realistic.

full body dragon tattoo. looks so cheongsam-ish. mustve cost a bomb!

aww how cute :)


mm, this one's nice, but i've seen it on more than one person. not my thing. if i were to have a tattoo, i DEFINITELY wouldnt want to see someone else walking around with the same one.

even though i've never done anything to really, REALLY, hurt anyone (and i hope i never will), i think that the fonts and flow of this tattoo are really lovely.

sweeter than sugar.

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