Friday, January 14, 2011


so my shitty week is still prevailing, and im still majorly fed up at things.

i just hate, HATE it when people make EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING i do, their business, no matter how insignificant and meaningless it is. one little statement i make, one small thing i do, and they're jumping all over it demanding to know the meaning behind the action, why i did so, why i said so, and furiously dissecting it at a tremendous rate, throwing in all their own assumptions and whatever nonsense, and coming up with all THEIR bullshit theories on every single thing i say or do.

im seriously fed up with this crap. i mean, yes, if it were something which actually held substance, i wouldnt mind you coming and asking me, but some nonchalant statement such as me mentioning what colour i dislike, and theyre all over it. like, jeeeezz! can you just stop following me so closely and breathing down my neck, stop being so high strung and rigid, just cut me some slack and chill?? it's not like there's a major, earth shaking, deep rooted reason for everything i do or say, hello! some things are just casually mentioned and then there's no serious thought that goes into all of my sayings, so STOP IT!!!!



there's still a lot more that i have to say, but if i were to pour out everything thats running through my head right now i'd probably end up writing an article the length of a whole harvard student's final semester experiment, so the coupla paragraphs of rants i've put out above will have to suffice.

so now im gonna talk about something else.

i just woke up a few hours ago, from a very interesting dream.

so in my dream i was in a white wedding dress, wearing a veil, all ready to get married. (???)

and for some reason, i had flaming red hair, down to the length of my waist. (????)

yeah the colour of my hair was something like this.

so it must've been like half an hour before the ceremony was about to start, and i was gonna be married to
this guy. yes he's someone real in my life, as in someone i know, but no way im gonna tell you who it is or else all of you would be making assumptions right and left. but i have no idea why it would particularly be him, as he's someone i'd forgotten all about and havent talked to for like what, three years already?

and i remember standing in front of a full length mirror looking at myself, feeling very confused, lost, worried, insecure, etc. the me in the dream was me as i am now, and i was thinking all these thoughts like "im not even 18, how can i be getting married?" "i dont even love this guy, why am i marrying him?"

my bridesmaids were fussing over me, arranging and rearranging the train of my dress, oohing and aahing over the way i looked, but with all the disturbing thoughts bouncing around inside my head, i couldnt take any of that in.

i ripped off the veil, handed it to one of the bridesmaids, shaking my head telling her to tell everyone how i couldnt go through with the wedding, and i then got the hell as fast as i could out of there.

weird, huh?


  1. chilling k? :) when we blog, theres always haters, or people who dislike us. always commenting the way we blog, we write, out pictures, and stuff like that. But its all okay. it means people check us out. dont get too worked up on those things! just remember not to bitch back! whatever you have to say back or rant, keep it in or you'll utter words God wont like. God has your back cheryl! :D

    just my two cents: (nothing concerning your issue)
    its a free world, we blog.. posting into this free internet world. sometimes i think if ppl dowan others to talk/copy or mention anything about it/them, they shouldnt blog in the first place. knowing we're posting into the net, OF COURSE theres gonna be ppl seeing/watching/copying/commenting/gossiping/stalking! (just a thought, not saying you actually!)

    i do think your blog says alot of whats in your mind! haha. and you shop a lot! :p

  2. thanks sarah! :D haha! it's nice to have a positive comment from someone :)

    well i dont mind if they have something intelligent to say to me, or if they have solid reasons for thinking the way they do, but i just dislike it when people have to throw so much gravity into thoughts and actions of mine that are totally insignificant and dont really even mean anything in the first place, like the kinds of music i dislike, what im eating right now, things like that.

    and then they have to go and put SO much thought and scrutinize every miniscule detail, and come up with their own explanations for everything.

    but all the same, thanks for your opinions and advice! :)