Sunday, January 23, 2011


hi, all!

i havent updated this blog for like what, 5 days already and to most people it wouldnt mean anything but i feel queer, as if something's missing from my daily routine if i dont blog for more than 2 or 3 days.

i did mean to blog, but got caught up in so many things ; CNY shopping, COLLEGE (the main culprit), outings, assignments, basketball, etcetc.

will get round to it, but right now im squeezing this post in between other work, so this'll have to be just a quick one, more than not just to satisfy my blogging deficiencies. :)

so i just got back from dinner at the datuk's house (datuk as in respected person in society, not datuk as in an old man haha) and came here for a bit to get some work done. logged into my nuffnang account just to see who's been checking me out and stuff, and guess what?

some idiot googled "where can i post my number for a bunch of pervs to see" and google led them to my blog, WTH.

i've gotten other weird search keywords too, such as "how to remove armpit stains" and "robert pattinson naked"

so yup thats all i wanted to tell you guys and ill be back in a couple of days!
and i MEAN a couple of days, seriously. will update by tuesday, and that's a promise!

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