Saturday, January 29, 2011


i hate it when people say irritating things like "gosh, dont you know what that means?" or "it's self explanatory" in that particularly nasal, stuck up, snobbish tone, their voices dripping with contempt.

and then, when pressed further, they just give you a look of annoyance, and walk away without answering you.

i've never done this before, yes, i admit that. and the very thing a smart person should do when faced with something new is to ASK. you might argue that i could do things on my own, but why do so and potentially mess things up, rather than ask a few simple questions and get it right the first time? but you're too dense to see the logic of that reasoning. but anyway, thats not the point.

look here, you. im smarter than that, and i know perfectly well why you do what you do, and avoid answering any of my questions.

you say that, because inwardly YOU dont know the answer either, and you're afraid of it being revealed that you're so ignorant of something that YOU should be so well versed in. so to cover it up, you put on this veil of arrogance and pretend to be so very appalled that i, a newbie dont know what it is, to avoid looking like a fool having to explain it to me. so there you go parading around with your nose high in the air, giving us snivelling looks of disdain, psshaw.

like, who on earth do you think you're fooling with this miserable act?


*bursts into screams of laughter*

oh my, oh my, that was funny, it was. im still wiping away my tears of mirth. as if i could be fooled by your poorly enacted, pathetically constructed show.

whatever, asswipe. isnt it extremely humourous, that you refuse to explain anything to me, when part of the purpose im trying to figure this out is to help you acheive something that you're supposed to do on your own? but nahh. methinks i shall stop being so nice and let you do all the work instead, since you're so good at figuring things out and 'self explanatory-ing'. hows that sound to you, loser? :D

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