Tuesday, January 18, 2011


i just had another one yesterday.

i dreamt that someone was coming after me, i was running away from them, and suddenly i ran into this guy's arms.

know who this hottie is?

in case you dont, (in that case wth is wrong with you have you been living in a cave for the last one year) that's wes chan, one of the driving forces behind wong fu productions. :D

watch the best man video! it's super cute!


and not only is he attractive, from what i see, i think he's also one who's intelligent, sensitive, a good conversationalist, and has depth. in other words, someone i wouldnt mind going out with.

yeah so anyway, he was holding me, but i was still struggling to break free and keep running, but he was trying to reassure me that everything was fine, to calm down, but i was still really disturbed and distracted and doing my best to get away.

when suddenly, 
he tried to hold me still and kiss me.

i freaked out, slapped him, hard, and made a break for it.


so now i can literally say that i turned wes chan down, even if it was in my dreams!

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