Sunday, January 9, 2011


updating for the heck of it, since there's not much else to do now anyway.

so today i went to parade after church. went to sasa to see if they had their inhouse brand's retractable eyeliner, sasatinnie, but it was sold out. so i walked over to empire to check out the sasa there, but turns out it was sold out too wtheck.

seriously, i love sasa's eyeliner! so affordable, yet it's so pigmented and long lasting! i can wear it the whole day and it wont budge the slightest bit! 

well actually i still do have their eyeliner, but i just wanna get another one because that's just how awesome it is. :D

but it was a good thing i ended up at empire cos diva was having this crazy sale where stuff was priced at rm10-15. seriously i was torn deciding which i should get as there were so many nice things but i had limited cash :(

i'd decided upon this reeaally pretty necklace with strings of pearls and a diamente ribbon, and was contemplating buying another necklace of a sparrow encrusted with diamonds, but only ended up with the pearly one eventually.

but i'll be going to pyramid tomorrow with arief and ben, so i'll be able to check out the diva there then!
just hope that they'll be having a sale as well!


so it's off to college tomorrow, to a new semester.

hope that this one'll be better than the previous one. not that the previous one was bad, to say the least. i loved the subjects, immersed myself in the books and in that regard, everything was of such immense interest to me and i love my course so much, it's really my passion and it's like i KNOW, that im meant to be doing this, taking masscom.

 but apart from that, in other areas, i was just floating around being nonchalant and feeling so indifferent about everything else.

yeah, im being vague. 
it's intentional!

if you know me then you'd know what im talking about, right? ;)

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