Sunday, January 9, 2011


it's 3a.m., it's really quiet, nobody's online, and my overactive brain has gone into overdrive. an incident happened yesterday that set off a chain of thoughts.

yesterday when i was playing basketball, a guy arrived at the court with his girlfriend. the girl was bespectacled, lanky, and had bad posture, but she isnt the focus of this story.

when he saw her, one of the guys said 

"holy f*ck, ugly chick. potong steam, cannot shoot already."

i didnt say anything because we were in the middle of our game and well, also because me and this particular guy have had a nasty feud in the past and now steer clear of each other.

anyway, my point is,

if she isnt very good looking, SO WHAT?

what the hell gives people the right to put  down others and condemn them, purely for the way they look?
and the laughable thing is, this fella doesnt exactly have what it takes himself to be deemed 'handsome' either.
but even if he did, SO WHAT?

i hate, HATE it when people think they are entitled to belittle someone else, and insult someone over the way they look, when it isnt that person's fault if they are a certain way.

even if you DO possess good looks, there's no way in hell that that puts you in the position to do so. 

did you work hard to look that way? is there anything you did to deserve having large eyes, a sharp nose, fuller lips?

you got it from your genes, so stop parading around like you're all that.

or even if you DID work hard, spending your whole life in the gym, and slaved for money for liposuction, plastic surgery, and whatnot, i still say, SO WHAT?


im not talking about people who look lesser than they could be because they cant be bothered to comb their hair properly and put on some makeup. im talking about people who are just plain born not having the good fortune that some others have to look beautiful, and try as they might, cant do anything to change that.

screw people who are so shallow and superficial that all they see is whats on the surface.
for all you know, she could be a great cook, have a dynamite personality, be a wonderfully kind person, but all you would ever see, would be an 'ugly' girl.

that would be YOUR loss, you smug, self superior, depthless, ostentatious idiot.

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