Wednesday, January 12, 2011


im not in the mood for blogging, but i'm doing so because well, deep down i still love my blog and blogging, however screwed up things might be.

first week of college, and i'm off to a rocky start already. 

why so?

maybe it's because of the shitty timetable? the heavy, dense, classes? the conflict with my parents? the turmoil and insecurities within?
the ulcer the size of a small country in my mouth? the (likely) fungal infection on my right pinky?

or maybe all of the above?

oh well, when life has hit rock bottom, the only way it can go is up, so i'm gonna suck this in and deal with it. you wont get me down, any of you. life is too short to be marred by these petty trivial things and im sure as hell not gonna let anyone have the satisfaction of ruining my day.

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